Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Busy Weekend!

Spring Training Time- Mike was getting Giada in the baseball spirit!
Go Giants! Go Twins!

Last week we had to be out of the house due to the bathroom remodel, so we spent time running errands and having lunch with friends.

Stacy and Gemma were in town from Tahoe, it was great to see them at catch up. I was very impressed with Gemma, she had a great memory and was so polite, with great manners. Nice work Stace!

Friday Night we attended a lingerie shower, no photos but it was a good time, the bride seemed to enjoy herself!

Saturday we were off to Roseville for Christie and JJ's Bridal Shower. It was great to see Dub and visit with KC on the ride there and back. We also saw Tracy there- she looks great, and seems ready to have baby Trenton out! Trace- we will be waiting for those room photos to be sent, it sounded amazing!

Sunday Nicole and I had a nice long visit with Lauren. We hadnt seen her in quite awhile, it was so fun for her to come over for a visit, now we owe her a trip to SF.
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Sunday night my mom cooked me corned beef, one of my favorites since she will be out of town this week. Thanks mom!

Playing with Pops

Baby B is here! Marc and Renee had their baby on Sunday. He weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and was 19.25 inches long. We hear they are doing great, and still deciding on a name, they've narrowed it down to 4.

I love to stick out my tongue.

Oh...and Hilder tried to change her 1st diaper alone this week! She was missing for a long time when Summer went to check on her and capture the moment. Apparently she used about 55 wipes....and Giada doesnt look too happy, but she survived!


Dean Family said...

Great update..sounds like you had fun filled week/weekend! Love the picture of Giada with the baseball hat- too cute!

shivelys said...

I only have to wait one more week to meet Ms. Giada!!! I am so excited.

SDFilice's said...

I love the pictures. I am so glad to see you are getting out and about and enjoying Giada. I loved the St. Patties email, too cute. Love you and miss you, Lis

P.S. we are coming to sac from June 4th through 8th, we need to she her for sure. Add us to your plans.

Julie Cannon said...

by far my favorite photo in this bunch is hilder!!!!!

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