Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zoo, Mom's 60th, and Randoms!

Well this weekend my mom turned 60! Isnt she looking good???
But there sure were ALOT of candles...and ALOT of smoke...he he he love you mom!
Dinner at our house on Friday night, then my mom and dad went to Half Moon Bay for a getaway.

Dinner guests

Random Pics
Giada has really enjoyed reading to herself lately. And then bringing over book after book for us to read together.

Just checking mom to make sure you baby proofed this plug!

Love my jeep!

Micke Grove Zoo
Well its not as good as it used to be. No lions, seals, none of the good stuff. Looks to be under construction, but I think has been for awhile. It was still a fun outing and Giada loved it. Her two favorite things - birds and monkeys so she was set. But, I think we'll definitely need to hit up the San Diego Zoo on my trip in October!

She really wanted to touch that rooster!

Pointed at everything!

Peek a boo!

Went over to look at the Japanese Gardens after the Zoo. They are still in pretty good shape!
Over all great weekend!

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Dean Family said...

Your mom looks great and Giada is cuter than ever...I just love her curls! We should definitely make a Zoo trip when you come in October :)