Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Post- Meeting Cianna, Pets, 6 Month Photos and more...

In my short life of 6 months, I've learned we are always on the go visiting with family and friends, and getting out and about, and I must say life so far has been great.

This week we finally got to meet Cianna. Adrian, and Eric were on a visit up to Philo to meet Eric's family and stayed the night with us. I'm usually the smallest one with the kids I play with but this baby was small. I'm not sure she liked me touching her face and mom kept saying "gentle" whatever that means!

We caught Cianna smiling...

With Bre and Peyton too....Man I look big next to these petite girls!!
I'm 6 months old, can you believe it? Time flies! I've learned a lot and grown a lot this month!
- I got my first tooth! It's on the bottom but it didn't seem to bother me too much when this one came in. The doctor says I have another one coming up soon.
- I started eating real food this week. Tried peas and don't like them so much, spit them all out. Now I'm on day 2 of sweet potatoes and those are going slightly better!
-I'm 17lbs 3.5 oz and 27" tall. I'm in the 90% - I'm a growing girl.
-Got some more shots at this appointment. I didn't like them one bit, at least next time I heard the doctor say I don't have to have any shots at my 9 month appointment. I'm going to hold him to that!
-I'm talking up a storm. Mom thinks "da da" is coming soon, it almost sounds like it. I also do a lot of screeching which some people have said sounds like a dinosaur.
-I can sit up all by myself now and love it, playing up high is much better.
-I love playing with Sydney and any dog really. I grab the cat and dogs hair, Sydney doesn't seem to mind but Max(cat) doesn't really seem to like it too much.
-I love being outside, if I'm outside I'm a happy girl.
-It's pretty hot here in Lodi, so we have been going swimming a lot to keep cool. I love to splash around in the pool and in my bath now.
-I do my fake cough a lot, I think its funny and then laugh at myself.
- I love it when dad rubs his head on my belly, I laugh so hard I scream.
-I stick my tongue out even more now, if you can believe that, and blow bubbles and make noises.

A few from my 6 month photo-shoot!

Random photos from the week...
This is what happens when dad watches me...

On a walk with mom....I love my new Sophie Giraffe

Pops puts me on his head. I grab his hair and laugh it's so funny. But he says I'm pulling out all his hair and that's why it looks like he's going bald....I'm not convinced it's MY fault.

Me and Mom!
I love my pets!

When we come downstairs in the morning the first thing I do is laugh and play with Sydney.
The videos won't upload for some we'll post them another time.

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Elle's mommy said...

Hi Julie! It's Meredith...Giada is just a doll! Love her 6 month pictures! Happy girl!