Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Videos, 1st tooth, and Mud Volleyball

Videos from the last couple weeks...

I love my dog Sydney. Every morning when we come downstairs I get so excited making all these noises and pet her before we let her outside. This video isn't the best - usually when she kisses me I make a funny face and then start laughing!
This is one of my new tricks...spitting and making noises with my tongue. My tongue has always been active!
I love to jump in my jumper! My legs really go wild these days! (Sorry this one is sideways, I dont know how to fix it.)
And I'm officially on the move!! I started army crawling awhile back, and last few weeks got my knees into it, and last night I was moving and quick! Mom better watch me more closely now and get our house baby proofed! (Don't mind the spit up in mid- crawl)

Every year we participate in Mud Volleyball at Herald Days! Its a long hot day but lots of fun.

The Whole Gang
The Girls
Forgot to take a photo before we rinsed off!
Hard to tell in the photo but my 1st tooth popped up last week and this week is really sticking up. I think I have another one on the bottom coming in too!!


Dean Family said...

OMG what milestones! Love the video action.

NorCal Chavis Tribe said...

Your baby girl is just beautiful! I can't believe she is crawling already - get ready Mom for a whole new ballgame! MOile babies = fabulous weight loss program!