Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Timmer and Chris tie the knot!

This week we spent some time in the pool since it was hot!

Also, had a nice visit with Giada's Great Grandparents.

When Friday rolled around Mike and I were off to SF to celebrate Tim and Chris's wedding. It was our first time away from Giada, for not one night but two nights! All was well and we had a great time. Each set of grandparents watched her for 1 night. Since we are so fortunate to have them both in town, we like to share. I was worried about Giada's sleeping at night, since she is not a long sleeper, but all was well. We had a great time and I have a huge supply of milk now that I had to pump all weekend. That was different to have to keep leaving the wedding to pump!! After the rehearsal dinner we all went to the Giants game. It was my first Giants game this year, and despite a last inning loss, it was a good game. Lincecum did his job and pitched well and Wilson screwed up the game again! Saturday we had the wedding at the Sir Francis Drake. Chris was a beautiful bride, we had a great time visiting with our SF friends and the AGR group that was there, delicious salmon dinner and lots of laughs. Sunday on our way home we had breakfast with Steve and his new girlfriend Alyssa. It was nice to meet her and a beautiful brunch on the water in Marin.

Overall great weekend, we missed our baby girl and were so excited to go pick her up on Sunday. I thought she looked bigger, and Mike just laughed at me. :) She loved her time with her nana, pops, nonna and nonno! Thanks again for watching her!

Go Giants!

Beautiful Bride and Groom
Big night out!
With the Kernals, and the Timmers
The Girls

Mike and Timmer


Barnes Fam said...

You look sooo good Julie...love the hair! And Giada is so darn cute...getting big! We'll have to meet up so the girls can "play"...Have you been pumping all along or did you just start? I'm thinking about starting just to have a backup supply but it is kind of intimidating...!!

Jacquelyn, Jarrid and Gianna said...

Such a great weekend!!

SDFilice's said...

Cute pictures of Giada, I love the pool. I hope you guys are doing well.