Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Pull Myself Up!

Hi blog friends...
A few photos from this week.
Mom took me to the park and I had SO much fun swinging in the swing. I hope we go back this week.

Mom learned to knit this week. Some of her friends joke that its a hobby for old ladies. But mom seems to like it and is working on a scarf.

Doesnt this DVD wall look like fun. I pull them off the wall while mom tries to work. When I pull off a couple shelves of them, then she moves me and we pick them all up and put them back. It's so much fun.

I was trying to grab the camera on this one...but can you see my two teeth are getting SO big.

I'm pulling myself up on everything now. This video is actually a week old or so, and now I'm moving much better. Pulling myself up on everything and crawling all over the place.

This weekend at Kernal's bday it was like a playdate with so many kids.
And Auntie Kristen made these cool shirts -

" Duck the Fodgers!" Go Giants!!
Playing with Peyton and my Aunties!

Peyton -6 mon, Me - 8 mon, Ashland -newborn, Mason - 10 mon, Dylan 12 mon...or there abouts!