Monday, January 2, 2012

Mother/Daughter Pics, Christmas, GG Update

Mother Daughter Party Pics! This year Hilder hosted and we had to wear a hat or hair flair!
Everything was beautifully decorated, and delicious! A few pics from the fun night out!

Sorry for the delay in this Christmas post. Giada got the flu on Christmas eve, and it took us down for about a week. Mike and I got it too, and gave it to about 12 family members! We felt terrible! We are all on the mend now to start this new year off healthy! The kids have hardly been sick, so I can't really complain, but this one got us good!

We had a nice Christmas, everyone is so generous and the kids get spoiled of course.

The week leading up to Christmas we had a visit from the Deans as they took their roadtrip up north. The girls had a great time playing and making Gingerbread houses. Adj and I quickly realized you needed some skills and we need to work on ours! "Sticky fingers" the girls kept saying. They definitely ate more frosting and candy than they put on the house!

Giada kind of gets Santa this year. She enjoyed putting out carrots and cookies for santa and his reindeer but then didn't understand that he came while we were sleeping and why she couldn't see him, since we had been seeing him around all month. :)
In the morning we asked her if santa had come " no santa isn't here yet"
Then she said " no santa isn't here yet, he is talking to Chippy" Chippy is our elf on the shelf.
Christmas Morning

I love snow globes!

Gino was content just eating his new toys

A few family pics....

We are glad you guys moved home!
Gino testing out his new hat

I love my new Cinderella doll!

Giada has been enjoying her new scooter this week - Thanks Matt & Steph!
Even Minnie gets a ride!

Slow and

She put these bubbles on her chin and said "a beard like daddy"

Gino sleeps like this all the time. Always up on knees, they are all red every morning when he wakes up.
Funny we caught the tongue out!

Gino already is loving his Sophie

Gino update
- Can you believe he is 5 months already?
- Not really sleeping all that much better, but I'm working on it. He will do some 3 hour chunks, which I'll take!
- Gino rolling all over the place and getting up on all 4's and rocking
-Scooting everywhere and sliding along the floor and quick!
- He has dimples
-Eyes are still blue
-Arches back when he doesn't want something
-Pulling and grabbing at everything

- She is very particular these days...the other day she got very upset in the car because she wanted a purple carseat - her new favorite color
- I thought she would like seeing the train go by when we were downtown and instead she started crying and said " I dont want to see box cars, I want to see tank cars"
- Hugs Gino and tells him " you are the best brother ever"
- We are working on potty training and one day she yelled " Tell that elf I went pee pee in the potty!" Unfortunately all the progress we made has been lost on the potty training during this flu bug :(
- "I can hear really well, I have big ears like an ostrich" Where does she come up with this stuff
- She has started putting clothes on all her babies, which is a change from her wanting them to always be naked
- One night Giada told Mike " I want to sit on your lap" he said, ok but only if you dont date boys until you are 19... she says " oh dad"

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