Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Post! Giada's Birthday, Puppy, Gino 6 months

As I mentioned Giada is a lucky girl, she has been celebrating her birthday all week. Family and friends have come by all week to have her open gifts and celebrate with her. One day we had a birthday celebration at my parents. Giada was there with my mom that day and so excited to make her own cake.

She sings Happy Birthday to herself along with everyone else and LOVES blowing out the candles. She also enjoys telling people how old she is now, and showing you on her fingers.

Gino spent some time with Uncle Matt!
Birthday Gift from us! A purple bike! She is starting to get the hang of it, but mostly cares about which animal gets to ride on the back!

Then on Sunday Giada celebrated with family and local friends at the gymnastics place in town. All the kids were running and jumping all around! The birthday girl requested a purple Tinkerbell party and that's what she got!
Thank you for celebrating with us friends!

Foam pit is always a hit
Jump D!
And sometimes they just cooperate for the camera!

I just love this pic of Dylan!

Happy Birthday Giada!

We even attempted a group picture
Giada was opening gifts and wanted me to take a photo of her new musical jewelry box.
We hung the swing in our backyard this weekend - Gino was pleased!
And Giada has been enjoying the swing pops made for her in his backyard ..that I'm sure Gino and Stella will enjoy one day too!

The infamous crab feed! As you can see I cut bangs! I'm still not sure about them...and everyone says I look like my mom. Which, isn't a bad thing, but not the look I was going for either! Either way, the funniest comment came from Dylan Kerns. When he saw me the first time he said "Are you Auntie Julie?" It was funny and sad all at the same time!

Well....who would have thought that we would go to a crab feed and come home with a puppy! On the live auction list was a black lab puppy. I kept saying to Mike all night that we should bid on it. We have been thinking about another dog for a year or so but couldn't decide what kind, or when was the right time to do it...and just at Christmas decided not to do it. But....this weekend was another story. Mike started bidding on the puppy, it was so cute they were carrying it around for everyone to see.....and then we lost the bid. :( But....wouldn't you know it there was another puppy available! They called Mike out as the last bidder and said he had first dibs on it. Sure enough he said yes! We went to the breeder and picked out a little female black lab. We finally got home at 3am, had picked up both kids, and the puppy - and I was still in shock - lol - In the morning we told Giada she had one more birthday present. She said "like my bike?" We laughed and went downstairs to show her. We walk down there and she is just talking to Sydney(our Golden Retreiver) and the puppy is running all around her feet and she isn't noticing!! We can't believe it, and then Mike realizes she thinks it's our all black cat at her feet. He asks her if she thinks that is Max....and then she realizes "It's a puppy" She has had so much fun with her. Her first name suggestion was "Sydney" then "Puppy" and now
"Belle." We tried to suggest Bella and she said "No, not Bella it's Belle" And it works out great, I get up to feed Gino and let the dog out! lol! I'm now potty training a puppy and a toddler and the puppy runs all over my crawling baby! It's crazy at our house.

Believe it or not Gino is 6 months old! Time has flown by!
Although he can roll over he enjoys propping up on one arm from time to time!

The intruder joined our photo shoot again this month....
And thought he needed to "warm his ears" - he doesn't look thrilled about the idea!
- Height 2 ft 3.5 in
- Weight 17lb. 1 oz.
- Rolling over
-Crawling everywhere and fast
-2 bottom teeth...one has popped through and one is close
- Sleeping not so great still....one night he slept 6 hours, otherwise it's 3 hour blocks if I'm lucky....but as always, I'm working on it!
- Maybe TMI but Gino is eating without a shield!!
- And he now eats rice cereal and bannanas and seems to enjoy it!
- Drools a ton, spits up a ton now. The spitting up is very weird for me since none of my kids ever did that...until now.
-Eyes still blue
- Dimples

Giadaisms & 3yr Update
- Height 3' 2.5"
- 34lbs
-" Gino here is a toy you can slobber all over"
-She counts everything, names off colors of everything, announces different letters as she sees them written
-Mike read Giada her fortune from a fortune cookie "You will soon be traveling to a distant land "When he finishes she says "I do want to go to Disneyland".
- Everything is "Lets make a deal"
- Her hair is SO tangly and she rarely lets us comb it but I'm just not ready to chop it off!
- "Mom, hug Gino this is our family "
-Loves to dress herself these days....and it takes forever!

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