Thursday, February 9, 2012

Giants Commercial, Visit with Chayse, Brix bday

It's a miracle....not many pictures this week! Super busy week and weekend, guess I just didn't pull the camera out this week too much. We heard about a Giants casting call for this years TV commercial so KR wrote a great write up, we were called back (along with MANY others) - so much for us feeling special, and off we went to SF for a day of fun. Giada throughly enjoyed a chance to dress up as Lou Seal. I was bummed the mascot wasn't out for the commercial that day, she will have to wear it to a game. She hasn't been to a game yet where she knew what was going on, so she had fun at the field and thought they were playing baseball. We were just in crowd shots in two places in the stadium, but a fun day and got us pumped for the upcoming season!!
Fun with Auntie Nat-Dogg!
Chayse was in town this weekend and stopped by for a visit....but really to meet Belle I think. She is the biggest dog lover I know!
This weekend Giada had a ton of fun at Brixten Mettlers birthday party.
She loves any change to go in bouncy houses!

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