Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bordessa Visit, Baby Ben, Valentines Day, Lake Visit

This week we took a trip to Valley Ford to visit the Bordessa's! We had been wanting to get there for the girls to play and we wanted to meet Davis. It was such a fun day we will have to do it again soon. We didn't get very good pics of the kids.. next time. Jarrid saved a kitten from a telephone pole and that is all we have heard about for days.
Thanks for lunch and the great visit Jackie!

Giada loved climbing to the top of the almond shells
Giada also loved Gianna's pet pig "Toby" who is getting big!
It was muddy the day after the rain...Giada's favorite thing to do- jump around in it. We shouldn't have let the girls take the purses outside....they got muddy too. The girls were giving us their best grumpy faces!

This week Gino decided he would pull himself up on his crib...so naturally we had to lower it. I can't believe my sweet baby is growing up so fast. He is at such a fun age right now.

He can almost sit up by himself without toppling over!!
This weekend pretty much all our plans fell apart, so we ended up with some weekend down time, which rarely happens for us. We spent a few hours at the lake on Sunday, not sure who enjoyed it more the kids, the dogs, or us watching and taking it all in. Giada, Mike and Nonnodid some fishing and caught a big one!!

Belle is getting so much bigger already!
Who was digging??? Not me??She barely ventured into the water...but did test it out.

Giada is a relatively good eater and likes her fruits and vegetables. But every once in awhile she does something funny at dinner. On this night she wanted bruschetta like us, she scooped it on her baguette, without spilling, and was so proud of herself!
Fun with pops on the swing ....even more fun with Silly String!My dear friend Jen, had her baby boy this weekend. Congratulations Jen and Garreth - I can't wait to meet this little guy soon! Benjamin Max Schweitzer. Born 2.11.12 weighing 5lbs/4oz/18in.

Happy Valentines Day!!
Thanks to BW Photography

Belle and Giada spend the day trying to wear one another out!

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