Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Park, Dogs, Valentine's Day, Gino Eats...and More!

This week we did lots of running around! With this springlike weather we headed to the park with friends. One day with Wendy and Ella, and one day a picnic lunch with the Archuletas!
I'm a big boy now....eating crackers!
Took the dogs to the lake again this weekend.
They love it out there, and it tires them both out and Giada too!
We opened up a couple toys Gino wasn't ready for yet from Christmas.
Well Giada loved them and Gino just enjoyed eating the boxes!
We went to a crab feed this weekend and my mom sent my this picture of Giada reading to herself.....too cute, she is growing up quickly! I'm bummed crab feed season is coming to a close- it's soo yummy!
The kids got to play together this weekend. Super Hero Dylan, and the girls with their Fairy Wings on were enjoying some dinner. Trying to get them all to smile at the same time for the pic....impossible!
We headed over to visit with Grandma Carol and Patsy!
Giada loved sitting with their dog who just had two puppies!
Happy Valentines Day - Yummy cakepops from Chrystal's Cake Pop Shop!! Delicious!
Giada requested I take a picture in her new Valentines necklace and with her
dog Belle...so here it is!
I tried to buy everything pretty neutral....in case our next kid was a boy. But....a few things Gino sports in pink. He doesn't seem to mind and LOVES jumping in the Jenny Jumper!
Everyone loves Giada's chair....

Since turning 3 Giada now is in gymnastics class by herself. It is fun to just watch her, she listens so well to the teacher and seems so proud of herself, always looking over to make sure we are watching. I am also glad I no longer have to participate in the Christmas program and can enjoy it from the stands this year.

This is how I find them most evenings.....fast friends....
3 years old!
7 months!

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