Monday, February 27, 2012

Park, Gino 7 months, Birthdays, Giadaisms, Crawling Videos

This beautiful weather called for a couple trips to the park this week!

Met up with Marla and JZ. Fun morning at the park, and nice visit with Hilda too.
Lets do it again soon!
Gino looks startled and rightfully so...Giada wanted to take him down alone....
I convinced her to have me assist!
AJ had a fun birthday party at the WOW museum. The kids enjoyed making slime!
Lab coats and all!
We celebrated Ginas birthday this weekend. Good times with the fam!

Gina won a t- shirt.
All the girls(and Gino) got together to celebrate Hilders birthday too!

He pulls himself up on everything!

We love Belle, but we still Love Sydney!

Bath time with brother is so much more fun!
So this has been going on for at least a month. He scooted where ever he wanted to go.
But now....he is really on the move!!

"Lesterday" = yesterday. She has a good idea that it is in the past, but "Lesterday" could be last week or last month. But one thing is for sure. Nothing gets by her, she remembers EVERYTHING!
- Loves pistachios and is a good eater in general, still loves broccoli, cheese, and smoothies lately too. Any fruit really she would rarely turn down.
- "Want to check out my moves??" She will say that and then start dancing all around
- Lately she has been saying "I'm really serious"
- When she falls..."I'm ok, I'm tough!"
- Now whenever we see a flag she asks" Do you want me to teach you pledge allegiance?"
- We were having salmon for dinner, Giada says "Whats that?" I say "Salmon" she says "No, that looks like fish"
- Lots of playing hide and go seek and LOTS of tea parties lately.
- Hands Gino a stuffed animal and says "Here Gino, here's an animal for you to slobber all over"
- STILL doesn't like her hair combed. I have to win the battle every few days.
- Loves counting anything and everything and looking for letters in words that she is familiar with
-Hugs Gino, Mike and I and says "mom, this is our family"
-Insists on getting herself dressed. That process takes a LONG time. I try letting her pick pants and shoes and I try to find a somewhat matching top. It's interesting ...every morning.

Gino is 7 months old!
I like how the pictures easily show what is going on at this time in his life.

- Teething! He won't remove those hands from his mouth. The bottom 2 are sticking WAY up. And the top 2 must be on their way...all the signs are there.
- Sitting up. Apparently most kids sit before crawling...not mine. He kept toppling over, but now he is pretty good at it. I love those cute chubby legs when they aren't all covered up!
- Happy boy, really only cranky when he is tried or hungry.
- Easy to smile and laugh
- Seems to enjoy eating more every day. He has tried prunes, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots. And in those mesh bags likes cantaloupe and bananas. The carrots seem to be the favorite so far.
- Loves taking baths
- Sleeping.... well he did do a 5 hr stretch last night, but that was the longest ever. It is still every couple hours....I know....I'm working on it!
-Pulls himself up on ANYTHING he can grab!
- Super ticklish - thighs, feet, neck
- Sticking out tongue

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