Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gino visits & New Years

This week we had a visit from Gino and Erica. It's always nice when friends come through town. We had a nice visit and lunch with them. Erica is due in a few weeks so Gino was getting some baby holding practice...all while trying to convince Gino to become a Bengals fan :)
Random pic from the week
Giada said "mom look I fit!"
Giada loves putting a leash on everything and pretending to walk them - people, stuffed animals etc. So since we decided not to get a puppy...this was the next best thing. A dog toy you can walk. I didn't think she would want to take it to the dog park - lol
She isn't too creative with the animal names and always chooses the names of pets we already have :)
New Years this year we wanted to go to Graeagle, but since we were just recovering from being sick and we weren't convinced Giada was 100% we decided to stay home. We also had no babysitters so we decided to stay in for New Years. We cleaned the garage that day, not fun but glad to have that done, then had some cocktails and a dance party with Giada. I think some friends felt bad for us to be stuck at home, so we had different visitors throughout the night and before we knew it - it was 4 AM and there was indoor beer pong! Sorry I didn't get pics of everyone ...Steph, Lynz, Matt thanks for coming by, and Sheps too(even though you were no longer in costume!)
Giada stayed up until 2!! And don't you even think for a minute she slept in!
7AM she was wide awake!!
Happy New Year!
The Baszlers
The Diehls....4 takes and Trent still isn't smiling (But at least his eyes are open!)


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