Friday, March 31, 2017


I used to be so good about uploading my photos weekly, then monthly. Now I am two months behind. Oh well, I am catching up now, that is what's important!

Who knew all I needed was a big dog house to entertain these boys.
 Always fun at Ginger Bugs especially when Morgan is there.

 This boy builds lots and lots and lots of towers these days.... and then kicks them over.

Giada was so excited it was her turn to bring up the gifts at the student mass. 
"It's a big honor to be chosen" she claimed.

 Matt and Steph took a trip to Mexico to attend a wedding. 
My mom and I held down the fort with the girls, and took plenty of pics to prove we were surviving.

 Proof that Reese slept in her crib...although it may have only lasted 12 minutes in 5 days. LOL.
 "Reesey" he loves to cuddle with her.
Giada got an extra sleepover on Nana's night. I think it was helpful to entertain Stella.

Who doesn't love a House of Coffees "Party in a Cup"??
 Sometimes they do show you these little glimpses that they do love and look out for each other.

Just like that we have an 8 year old.  She is creative, kind, sassy, artistic, athletic, sensitive and beautiful!  She has got a mind of her own, opinions that are strong and an attitude that frightens me for the older years.  :-) She is lucky that most of the time she is a sweetheart and big helper with her brothers.  On her actual birthday we were at the Fancy Food Show and celebrated later in the evening with our girl. Thank you to my village for making the day special for her.  New cowboy boots and lettuce wraps, two of her favorite things!

 Upward Basketball season has been so much fun to watch. Giada is really mastering some skills and Gino's team went from bunch ball to actual game play, getting better every week. The best part is they LOVE it, and are so excited for practice and games.
 We didn't make it to a Crab Feed this year, which was VERY weird for us, but we did enjoy some crab at a the famous Scoma's.

G was very proud of her Ancestors poster. I learned a valuable lesson to read the directions the first day the assignment comes home so you are not scrambling at the last min. Actually, I'm sure we will still be working at the last minute, but hopefully I will have what we need!
 January Birthday girls had an evening of celebrating.  Happy Birthday Stella!
 Seve and G look way too grown up in this photo!
These two have been cuddled up lately, requesting photos!

 Giada, Adelaide and Peyton attempt to ice skate!

Old Sacramento Candy stop, and coloring pillowcases to make the sleepover complete!

A little morning make-up sesh.  Nemo, Panda Bear and Fox come down for breakfast.
These boys did not want to be left out!

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