Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Well, it sure was nice to have 4.5 days off, cant remember the last time that happened!

Leading up to the holiday I spent my evenings organizing the baby room. Jaime was coming to visit and needed to sleep in the guest room where I was storing all the baby things. So it was a kick in the ass to get those things organized. So it feels good to have that completed. I havent done much else to the room yet, except hung a few paper lanterns. I wasnt sure how they would look but I like them and the stripes pull the green in which is nice.

Wednesday night we had Thanksgiving with my family. Its nice to break it up and have it on 2 days so we can eat a a lot at both families. This is my favorite meal of the year so I was super excited. Then we were off to downtown Lodi Wednesday Night. It was a big high school reunion and this year was no exception but always fun to run into some people we hadn't seen in awhile. But the highlight was getting to see Gelbart. Jamie was up in Sac visitng Zac's family but got to spend Wed night with us and Thursday morning for our annual Thanksigiving Run. (She even stayed up until midnight!) Lindsay, Matt(Lindsays brother), Kristen, Jaime and I all did the 5K Thursday morning. I did have to walk of course, but it is always nice to get some exercise in before those big meals!

The rest of the day was spent with Mikes family and watching movies in the evening. It was nice to just be home and relax for once, that rarely happens with us.

Friday we got our Christmas Tree and began the decorating along with a visit from Josh and Chayse. Only bummer about this weekend was not getting to see the Filice's. I had some phone issues and we missed eachother on this trip! ;(

Saturday we spent with Mikes fam bottling this years barrel of Cabernet! It didnt take too long and was fun to be able to do it while his sister Gina in town. This year we think the wine is better than last year. I cant wait to drink some, a sip did not quite do the trick. Saturday evening we also had Mikes St Mary's 10 year reunion. He seemed to have a good time catching up with everyone!

Today, finished off the tree and putting out all the Christmas decorations. I love Christmas so its fun to have the house decorated and all ready for the holidays.

And at almost 33 weeks, Im growing rapidly! I have my last ultrasound this Wednesday and can't wait. They can triple check its a girl, and we should be able to see her much better this time. Im almost to the point of having appointments every week, scary!

Hope everyone had a great weekend with family and friends!


Julie Cannon said...

looking good!!! love the xmas tree, and you will be glad to know that chad and i went with the real fakes here! we had a great thanksgiving as well. looks like you actually got to relax which is much needed. the way i see it, it is your first thanksgiving as a mom :) talk to you soon...happy thanksgiving!

SDFilice's said...

You are looking so good. Just a little more time and your little one will be here. Love the belly pictures, keep them coming. Hope you are doing good! Love Ya, Lisa

Sara Parr said...

I love your tree! What kind is it? Is it real? And the lanterns look great!

NorCal Chavis Tribe said...

You are possibly the cutest preggie I have seen. Did you get my email? I hope I got your address right!