Monday, November 24, 2008

Blake Aaron Schafer is here!

Carrie and Aaron had Blake at 2:13 am this morning! He is 7lb 7oz and 17 inch long. He is healthy and Carrie is doing great. Her water broke around 9 last night and went to the hospital. She went all natural ( o drugs)...she said by the time she wanted them it was to late.

Jackie- thanks for the play by play!
Sara - thanks for the photos!
Carrie- you look great, cant wait to hear more about it.



Papalii Family said...

awwww!! yay!! baby blake is here! he is so cute!! can i see the rest of the pictures?? good job carrie! love ya mama!! way to go all natural! xoxo!

Jacquelyn, Jarrid and Gianna said...

just wanted to leave you a comment to say thank you for all your sweet comments! you are so good about leaving me lots of sweet messages! hope you are feeling well, cant wait to see more nursery pics!!! :)