Sunday, November 9, 2008

SLO Weekend

This weekend we were off to Cal Poly Softball Almuni weekend in San Luis.
Always fun to be back in SLO, and always a ton of laughs with the softball crew.

Night 1 after a delicious dinner at Giuseppe's we joined Ness and Red downtown at Bulls. We were highly entertained by Nessas drunk brothers! And a stop at Bulls is always on the list while in town.

Saturday we had the Alumni softball game. I just watched but it was great to see all the girls in action again, especially Terras smash hit to bring in the RBI! Nice work Tub!

Saturday evening Terra and Jackie put on a wonderful joint shower for the 3 pregos, DS, Carrie and I. Carrie is ready any day to have Blake and DS is due with Zoie in late December.

Everyone was so generous with books and darling clothes! I cant wait to have her here to try them on!

We were also able to catch up with some other SLO peeps while we were in town. Great to see Steve, Brownlees, Fergie, Bogue, and Chayse!


Julie Cannon said...

looks like a another fun one. carrie looks great and huge! you're really getting bigger each week and it is so fun to see in the pictures. love ya!

Papalii Family said...

it was good to see you jules!! definitely had a blast and cannot wait to see baby girl coldani! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

Cute shower pictures!