Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the season...

As if holiday parties weren't enough this time of year. We thought we'd throw in a wedding and couple birthdays just to make us even busier.

Tuesday night we had the Coldani office Christmas party, it was a good time, with great food. I had to pass on the wine and limoncello, but it's fun that Nick works at the office so the Kernals can join in on the fun. Always great to see Dylan too of course.

Then off to SF for my work Party. We had a delicious dinner at Kuletos! Some photos below of Drew and all the girls and Lois and all the boys. Everyone drank plenty, it was a funny event to be sober! I have worked there for 5 years so its a weird feeling as I start working from home this week and not working much after December. I know they will be fine, but I worry about my clients!

Friday we headed to Fresno and Visalia for Riley Chaney's Wedding. Annie was a beautiful bride and it was great to visit with Gino and Erica during the reception.
We even ended up hitting Dog House Grill on the way home. For all you SLO Firestones lovers, its exactly the same as Firestones, but in Fresno...delicious!!

Saturday we came home and spent the evening celebrating Trent Diehls 30th bday. A Mexican fiesta and poker playing took place! Bre and I took a belly shot. She is only 6 weeks behind me and having a girl as well. She is FINALLY showing, and Im growing at a rapid pace.

Hilder and I showed up in the same outfit that night, so everyone thought it was funny to have a "Before and After" photo.

Sunday, I did sleep in which was nice, but didn't get much other relaxing done, trying to get all the last minute Christmas shopping done, baking and Christmas cards out!

The baby is moving a TON, which feels neat and weird at the same time. She has moved so at this point a C section isn't necessary so that is great news to me! I know where she is positioned so it's crazy to feel her feet and hands move in my stomach. Can't believe I'm in the last month! Moved the bassinet into our bedroom tonight and ordered the recliner for the baby room. She'll be here in no time!


Dean Family said...

I don't know how you do it-always so much going on! You look are sooo close! Love ya!

Papalii Family said...

you are so cute!! just like i knew you would be!! cant wait to see baby girl coldani!! she is gonna be so gorgeous like her mama and daddy!

p.s. dont worry - i havent had the chance to sit down and do my christmas cards too! yikes!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that she moved for you. Take it easy mama and try to enjoy the holidays, because next year you are going to have a little on to shower with Christmas love.