Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Graeagle for the 4th!

This year sticking to tradition we headed to Graeagle to celebrate the 4th of July! We had a big group this year. Every year different people come and it's always a blast. Lots of food, drinking and games.....and this year lots of kids! I'm pretty sure no one had a shortage of fun, or tooling out! Pancake breakfast at the firehouse, volleyball, kickball, adults on a slip n slide(always entertaining), and one of the best firework shows I've seen! Good times! And best of all I didn't have the baby while I was up there. I tried to not worry about that, although I had plenty of people worrying for me!

Giada was not being cooperative for KR's photos this weekend, and doing a frown on purpose, which was actually funny.

Then once in awhile she would do one for Bre

Peyton is always sweet as ever!
Giada loves Aubrey....

There are a million pics from the weekend to post but I am running out of time this here are a few shots of the gang this year!
Fireworks! We tried to take our annual photo with the fireworks in the background...did not turn out the best this year. She did enjoy them for the most part, said they were loud sometimes and covered her ears. Her favorite were the "green ones" and they went "boom boom"
Uncle Scott was getting tired out with the kids making him play in the ball pit for hours!!
Story time with "Uncle" Scott

At the pancake breakfast - of course we took a ride in the fire trucks!
Then Giada also had everyone wearing the fire hat.
Kernal and I watched as the kids pushed and pulled EVERY button...hope they check those before they take off next time!

4th of July Hair Flair!
This year Giada spent some time on this bounce obstacle course at the park.
She didn't want to get off!

Always need our pictures on the bear!
We tried to get all the kids on the bear.....we managed it in 2 pics, but not all 4 on 1!

Coldani Pics! Even Gina and Scott made it this year!

The boys
The girls
The whole gang!

The kids did "Ring around the Rosie" at least 30 times in a row one day. They pulled various adults into the circle from time to time, then we got them to do it themselves. They were having so much fun!

We came home on Sunday so Monday didn't feel like the 4th to us since we had already celebrated. We stopped over to see my parents...and Pops got stuck with the hat this time.
We did see some fireworks, wore our hair flair all day, and had fun with sparklers!
Funny things Giada has done this week...
- When we were in Graeagle we were walking from one unit to the next and she said " Ill go find my friends, you go find your people!"
- She has been trying to snap and moves her fingers but then says "click click" with her mouth
-She likes to tell you secrets. So she told me she wanted to tell me a secret, which she did, then proceeded to lick my ear!!!!! It was so wet and gross. I don't know who taught her that, she won't sell them out!! Now I'm of course leery of the secrets, but now she will say "I won't lick it"
-We were waiting in line to eat and a guy had a tattoo on his arm, she said "That guy has words on his arm daddy"
- She sings a TON of nursery rhymes, with some of her own words mixed in, I keep trying to video but then she stops. She only wants you to sing with her if she requests!
-Definitely a 2 yr old these days :) "I do it myself"
- She pronounces most words pretty well but she says "somefing" instead of "something" it's always interesting what they say
-Constantly doing her "magic trick" aka somersault for everyone now that she has mastered it
-Going to bed SO late, but sleeping until 7 or after which is a treat!!

Well.....some of you requested a belly pic, at this point they are just looking ridiculous!!
Appointment tomorrow. 15 days to go if I make it the whole time. I feel good so far. The heat is a bit much with these 100 degree days, but this heat is bad for everyone!! Still feeling good and making major progress on his room and name. Ill post pics soon. Clothes are washed and put away! Going to storage tomorrow to get out the car seat and bassinet.....just in case. Now for packing that hospital bag! Ill keep you posted! Oh, and the name is finalized! Stay tuned! :)

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