Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Week...

This past week, we have finished up the nursery (it's about time right!?) had a few play dates and just been hanging out. Since we didn't know if the baby was coming we didn't plan much.

Well as you have guessed...he is not here yet.

We headed down to Farmers to pick up Giada's pottery we painted the week before and grabbed ice cream. They turned out beautifully!! lol! I should make a bet on how long these ceramic pieces last. I've tried to get her to keep them upstairs on the carpeted area of our house, but I'm sure you can guess how well that is going. Of course we had to stop and take a pic with the bear! And she definitely doesn't like that the statues are now gone she loved them!
We went to the lake one afternoon to let Sydney swim around. The weather has been so nice it's hard to believe we are in July! A little windy though! Giada worked hard to catch these minnows! She kept saying"look how many!"
She has been playing around with this kid set of clubs...maybe golf is in her future???
And a short attention span!!

Nursery pics
I finally found some bedding I liked, nothing I thought I would like, and it's a little bit of a zoo theme but then we found a way to add these cute stripes to the wall and incorporate the Giants and Twins stuff that no longer had a home once we cleared the room out. I think it is all coming together finally. Thanks KR for the great idea! I will hang some things over his bed, probably newborn photos? Need to figure that part out. Hard to tell from the pics, but you get an idea, and look Dru we even found a place for the bear!

Baby Update
- Had an appt Wednesday I was already at 2cm and 60% so the doctor and I both didn't think I'd make it to Tuesday, my induction date. But here we are on Sunday and nothing! So maybe Tuesday will be the day. I feel great, so I can't complain but at this point I'm ready to get the show on the road and stop waiting around. Tomorrow I'll try to do some fun things with Giada before our the new guy arrives.

Giada Update
- We have been talking about all the things she can help me with when brother comes, she says " Can I chase him around?" I laughed and said maybe when he is older. Her questions have been funny about him. She also asked "why does he have to sit backward" when I put his car seat in the car.
- She has been doing a lot of singing in the car. But she has you sing one song and she sings another. It's usually you sing "Pop goes the weasel" and she sings "Wheels on the bus" but I'm trying to listen to her and see if she is really singing that song and I mess my song up and she totally calls me out on it, the whole thing is pretty comical.
-"What the heck" is a new favorite phrase
-Definitely is taking things out of the fridge and freezer at her leisure. She will bring a glass jar and say "it's breakable be very careful" this whole situation is just an accident and mess waiting to happen
-She is such an ant collector, she finds a couple and holds them in her hand for so long. Then can't understand where they have gone until I find one crawling on her shirt or something...she is too much.

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