Monday, July 11, 2011

Play dates!

This week we had lots of play dates. The Clarins were heading up to Oregon and made a dinner stop at our house to play for a couple hours. Always a pleasure to see them and Brandon was teaching Giada a thing or 2 on the iPad!

Heather and I took the kids to the Mud Mill to paint some pottery then to Dancing Fox for lunch. The kids had fun and we had a nice visit too. Funny, we had both asked the kids what they wanted to paint before we got there. Seve said " a pickle" and Giada said "a pink alien" Where do they come up with this stuff! Seve settled on a shell and a whale, Giada a shell and a princess. We haven't gotten the final result back but it was big fun!

We had a few play dates with Peyton this week, and no good pictures to show for it. One day we headed to the Funtastic Center in Elk Grove. Preston came along to play and Amelia too!

This weekend we got lots done around the house, and the bassinet is in our room and ready for his arrival. But we also managed a trip to Sonoma. We had lunch with the Barbera's - always nice to catch up with them, and then off to a 25th wedding renewal. My brother in law Scotts parents were celebrating their 25th. We enjoyed a nice evening in their beautiful backyard and got another visit in with Scott and Gina! We are getting spoiled seeing them so much!
Big hugs for Zia Gina!

Baby watch continues! I have an appointment Wednesday so I should know more then. I'm fortunate to still be feeling great. I am getting a little anxious at this point and am ready to meet him. I tried to get some oil things in order today in case he comes early. No real contractions yet, so I just carry on life as usual. I have kept the week pretty clear and weekend too....just in case!! I'll keep you posted!

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