Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years, Monsters Inc & Graeagle

Happy New Year! 
Best pic we could get with 4 toddlers!  The littles went to bed early but Giada and Dylan made a good run at it.  D made it to midnight and G was a few minutes shy of making it. Fun night had by all! 
Here's to 2013!

 Of course Dylan is looking cute and listening to my countdown for the smiles! All I wanted was one "Cheers" pic - lol
First ones to bed, first ones up!
 Monsters Inc with Nana and Pops! Seve and Giada had a fun afternoon at the movies!

 Fort fun at Nana's

For those of you that know this life size doll Giada has, you will be happy to know that sometimes now Giada tucks her in at night! It's super creepy when it looks like a real person in bed. She has been sleeping on the floor with her new sleeping bag a couple nights a week, so that leaves room in her bed.

 Happy Birthday Cooper!!
 Cute pic of miss Stella on her trip to Colorado!

 This past weekend we headed to Graeagle. I love seeing the deer! It didn't snow while we were there but there was a TON of it. We tried snowshoeing and it was a lot of fun! We brought the sled too which was nice when Giada needed a break. It's a good workout!

 Snow angels and spraying the snow kept them occupied for hours!
 We pulled back the winter coat on the bear for a few pics.

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