Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Giada!

Happy Birthday Giada! Our little girl turned 5 and couldn't have been more excited.  We started the day off with a new bike, then my sou chefs helped bake our traditional rainbow cake.

 Her buddies Seve and Stella were going to be out of town on her birthday, so they took her for an after school ice cream treat. She loved it, and was so excited to start celebrating her birthday early.
 School Birthday Celebration

Shocking as it is to most people, our kids have not been to Disneyland. We had decided to not have a party for Giada and head down south to the big D.  Well, the timing of that changed, so we had a little celebration with a few family friends at every little girls favorite place - The Serpentarium! It was very fun for our reptile lover. They brought out about 10 animals for the kids to hold/touch, and then did some LIVE feedings to a couple big lizards upstairs. DID NOT know about the live feeding. It was quite the experience for all!
Best we could get, that wiggle worm Gino doesn't sit still!

 The grand finale!
 Make a wish!!

Kim Duke with Old Vine Bakeshop did a fantastic job with my snake request.
As always thank you Kim!

 Giada loves seafood. She would eat shrimp every day if she could. We thought she would love a crab feed, so we took her on a special date the other night.  It was a hit, just takes me longer to eat since I am shelling crab for two! Love that she will try most anything. Mike and I are pretty adventurous eaters in general, and so glad the kids are picky!!

 Things Giada is currently loving, stats and Giadaisms
- Height...tall gitl 45.25 in (92 percentile)
- Drawing...and she is good! Very detailed. A favorite to draw lately is people, flowers, rainbows, trees.
- Loves puzzles
- Loves playing outside and getting wet and dirty. Drawing in dirt, jumping in puddles
- Loves gathering things for her "collections" feathers, rocks, etc, then she wants to keep them all :-)
- Writing letters and words (mom, dad, gino, giada, pops, nana) She said to me the other day."Look at all these letters, do you think I am ready for Kindergarten?"
- Enjoys school and wishes it was every day
-"Reading" stories to her brother
- Still needs and takes a nap if we are driving somewhere. If there is no nap, there can be some rough periods in the afternoon, then she gets a second wind and stays up way too late
- Enjoying gymnastics and the new class now that she is 5. She gets to go out on the big floor, and is very proud of her almost cartwheels, & back bends.
-Soccer and tball starting soon.
- "those pants with this night gown, you've got to be kidding me"  I'm think uniforms for school will be a good thing, then this opinionated girl will only get to choose her pjs and weekend outfits!
- "Gino come get your pizza or I'm going to throw it away....she smiles....That always gets him"
-"Ill save my money for Dylan so he can take it to Disneyland since I never get to go"
-" I need privacy so I can talk to god"

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