Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Upate

Well the word is out by now. Gino and Giada will have another sibling.  
Gino is dead set on it being a boy and naming it King Kong.
 Chickens are still a big thing around here...they are drawn, held and loved.
 When Giada is at school on Tuesday's Gino has lots of fun with Nana.  We try not to tell Giada all the things that happen without her. Although she loves school, she surely doesn't want to miss out.
 Congratulations to cousin Emily. Looking forward to the big day next year! Love from Lodi!!
 Birthday donuts for Pops, and Birthday dessert with Matt. Lots of September birthday's in our family.
 Pickle time! We finally made them this year. Usually it is in August, but the crop wasn't ready.  We even tried some bread and butter ones this time.

Our days with Stella are always full of adventure. Gino and Stella ask me 100x when it is time to get Giada from school, and she is equally excited to see them at pick up!

 Grape Festival! This year Nonni took all her grandchildren and we were so happy to make memories with Cole.  Watching Cole get so excited when he pet the animals was certainly a highlight of the day.

Giada of course wanted to pet the snake. She wondered if it was the same one from the birthday and learned how to tell if it is a boy or a girl from this back dew claw thing by the tail. Claw means boy!

Gino was displaying his new signature move. Smile and eyes closed...hope this phase passes quick!
Brave Giada of course wanted to do every big ride. This one she loved. 

The Lorikeets have been here all summer. Giada wants to go see them everyday.  They went one last time before they fly back to Australia.

 Happy 8 years to us. Mike and I had a nice dinner out at Biba. We hadn't been there in awhile, and it never disappoints.  Always fun to eat somewhere that uses our oil as well.
 I hadn't been to the Stockton Children's Museum in a long time. It was a great morning. So much to do, and lucky for us field trips hadn't started yet, so the kids had run of the whole place. 

Yippee! We finally got to meet Max. Marina and Max came to visit the West Coast for a couple weeks and it was so fun to visit with him throughout the week.  He is the BEST sleeper. I had to force Marina to wake him up from his LONG naps after he had slept all night so I could hold him. Can't wait to see you both again in November Neps!

 Where did the time go! All of a sudden she is all grown up!

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