Wednesday, January 4, 2017


November update...

Finally we have a sign! Big step for us, and our tasting room is now open weekdays. Come visit us M-F at 13950 N Thornton Road from 9-2.  Now on to the next phase of the project, a bigger tasting room. But, for now this is a big step for us.

 Sydney is coming up on her 12th birthday in March. We are so glad she has been around to bond with Lorenzo.  Sydney is smart and knows who to hang out with to get an extra snack. 
 She is so patient with the kids year after year.
 Stella and Giada, working on puzzles and requesting photos.
 Boys and their nerf guns.  Ava was completely outnumbered, but held her own.
 Friendsgiving, I love having my favorite meal as many times as possible.

 Thanksgiving at school is always so much fun for the kids.  The K class makes Indian outfits and come up with an Indian name.  Gino was Bakes with Fire, which was very fitting since he wants to be a Baker when he grows up. He won't be just baking anything at this bakery, he will be featuring rainbow bagels!

 Giada tried to sneak my parents new kitten, Ally, home with us!
 Giada and Declan having fun collecting tickets at Chuck- e -Cheese.
 Stella the Pilgrim.  We were so glad to have the day off to watch Stella's Thanksgiving Program. Even if Lorenzo kept yelling "Stella" SUPER loud during the program.
 American Girl car, or a toy for your baby brother? You be the judge.
 Days off from school are even more fun when you spend them with your buddy.
 Run to Feed the Hungry. We love our annual Thanksgiving morning tradition.  It is always SO cold, and as I am waking the kids up I always find myself thinking, why do we do this??  But, I am always so glad we did it. This year Mike was done with harvest so he was able to join us. G loved having her buddy Peyton there too.
 Lorenzo was toasty warm in the stroller all bundled up, he even took a nap on the long run.  I ended up taking off with Gino and KR, Hilder and Marla took care of the stroller and put him to sleep!
After the kids run, they tackled the 5K. It was all Mike could do to keep up with Giada as she ran the 3.1 miles.  I figured Gino would do his usual run a little, hop on the stroller, hop off routine.  Nope, that neon green sweatshirt was off and running. I basically had to sprint to keep up with him, I was not prepared or warmed up for that.  We were so proud of both of them.
After the run we were off to Graeagle.  Family fun, snow, deer and getting our tree!
The trees always seem small when you are in the forest. But once you get them on the car/truck, and in your house, it is a whole different ballgame. 

The night before we left, lots of snow! 
Mike's pancake game is strong.  He did not disappoint for this holiday either.
Do you want to build a snowman?
Love this guy, the crazy faces he makes and those big blue eyes!
 Mastering the snow angels
 If you love Hallmark Christmas movies like I do, you want to be at this little firehouse for Santa.  Santa spends so much time talking to each child. He gives them a special Santa dollar with his picture on it. After visiting with Santa, you grab some hot chocolate, sing some carols outside and then hit the lights to light up the whole firehouse.  To add to that, this year it started snowing while we were outside singing.  Heather will vouch for me, we felt we were IN the movie! LOL.
If you do not see your name on the Nice list, well then you just add it yourself when Santa isn't looking!
Traditions with friends.

When we got home Chippy was back for a bunch of December fun.  I do think his presence this year didn't help as much as in years past, but I would hear the kids, especially Gino, having chats with him explaining why he was doing certain behaviors.
 Light Parade.  These girls were ready to dance the night away in their snowflake gloves. A great way to start off the crazy month of December.

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