Saturday, July 22, 2017


Visiting Grandma Barbara in her rehab facility. She is almost ready to come back home!

 Nana went on a much deserved vacation to Hawaii, and then my pops had knee surgery so Steph and I did a lot of flipping around days watching the littles.  Reesey and Lorenzo didn't seem to mind all the cousin time one bit.

 In fact I think Reese loves coming to visit her Auntie!

We can't pick up Stella without them wanting to take a picture with the lion. 
Which means reminding them 27x that they cannot ride the Lion.
What they do mind is swimming..... but they can both swim/float great now. 
So, it is worth every penny. 
 Pops has a new knee. He seemed to like his new room decor from the kids.
This guy is growing like a weed, and no longer a baby, that's for sure! When he is really tired he always sleeps with one or both arms up. He has done this since he was little. 

 "Mommy take picture big tall tower"
 Happy Birthday Nonni!
Right before this cute photo above, it looked like this...just a little tight on the hug G!
 Mike cooked a delicious multi course meal, and dessert!
 Just hanging around at the park.
 Happy Birthday Noah!
 Gino and his Kindergarten class paired up with an incoming K student to show them the ropes, while Mrs. Luchessi spoke to the parents. 
 GO Giants! Such a fun night out with some of our friends from Cal Poly. LONGEST game ever, 16 innings I think. We came out with the win and were thankful to be in the suite! It was a chilly, long, night at the yard.
 Happy Birthday to me! Loved celebrating with my littles. My birthday shared Mother's day this year.  Lucky me... or did I get the bad end of that deal - -LOL.
 Morning snuggles with the one who is ALWAYS up first!
 We were flocked.  G was a little nervous when we got back from walking the dog to see all of this on the lawn.  The boys on the other hand were so thrilled in the morning.  Donation to Breast Cancer, and we were able to Flock another family. What a fun way to help a good cause. Funny thing is the neighbors thought we were announcing we were having another girl.  More than one neighbor asked me that, but the good thing is after reading the sign, one neighbor donated to the cause.  Mission Accomplished.
 Who needs toys, all you need is an empty box.

Costumes are big around here.

We are back at the Farmer's Market every Thursday.  So fun to see customers and friends all summer long at the market. The kids have been switching off who comes with me each week. They work decently well for peaches, corn dogs, and a snow cone. Took both big kids one week..probably won't do that again. :-)
 Jog A Thon! My kids love this event. Gino was pumped to finally get to run, and Giada ran hard to hold down her title of most laps for Girls in her class. Really, she just wants the free dress pass!

 Ice cream with friends.  Marissa Guantone, Marina Pearl and I have a lot of kids. Two sleeping babies not even pictured! LOL.

This guy loves reading, just like his older brother.
 That's a wrap for baseball season. Both kids improved so much.  People, we have games resembling real baseball/softball now. I wasn't so sure we would ever make it to this point!
The kids beg to go swim with Stella everyday. We love being neighbors with our cousins!
 Adult Dinner Out, always a good idea!
This guy NEVER wants to get out of the bath.  Had to capture this smile. 
He would stay in and "swim" all night.

CC is growing quickly, so we have document her often.
 Fun at Field Day, last week of school!
 When you find out your buddy has a Blueberry stand up and running, you drive to Linden for the best berries around!!

Fishing with cousin Cole! Giada has become quite the fisherman this summer.  
It is about the only thing she is SUPER patient with.

 Big day for this Kindergarten graduate.
 I love how their Mass partners walk them down on the last day.

 Lorenzo slept through Mass which made it more enjoyable for all of us. :-)
 Mrs. Luchessi is the best. She only has to wait a few more years to retire, until Lorenzo is through K.
 School buddies!

 How many photos does it take to get boys to stand still

End of the year party at Micke Grove Splash Pad. That's a wrap for Kindergarten.
 We think Sunset Mag made an excellent choice!!  Basil is great this time of year on a Caprese Salad!
 Lodi Swim Club here we come!

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