Monday, October 27, 2008

27 weeks, under 100 days YIKES!

Well this was our last free weekend before Christmas!

We didnt do much this weekend and slept in both days which was nice.
Had a BBQ on Friday with some friends which was fun to visit and catch up. Went to the movies on Sunday night, saw Body of Lies....its decent, not real good - not real bad. Spent some time with Josh and Chayse while she was in town visiting.
She was playing dress up with Josh's costume box, the Santa was pretty cute.

I did realize we are under 100 days, yikes, 3 months to go. She will be here before we know it. I had a little fall this weekend, so just to be sure we did an ultrasound. Everything is fine, but it was fun to see her face and you could make out her foot in in the ultrasound.

Got to see Dylan tonight at the boys basketball game, he has already changed so much in 2 weeks, hard to believe.


Sara Parr said...

Wow, I can remember when Nicole hit the 100 day mark...and look what happened to her! Congrats!

Papalii Family said...

love your bump!!! you're so cute! glad the baby's okay after your fall - whew! scared me for a second there! see you soon!

Papalii Family said...

oh yea! will most definitely see you NEXT WEEK! not a few weeks :)