Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our adventures this week!

This week the sun was shining and we spent a ton of time outdoors. Giada is insistent on holding the leash on our walks to the park with Syd. So far so good.
She loves her pup almost as much as she loves the Giants. When she sees the game on she yells "Go Giants" " I love the Giants!" Glad to see she has picked the right team so young!
Mike snapped this pic in SLO a few weeks back and I missed it.
Looks like they were having fun climbing up the chair.
We go to House of Coffees often, and now that she is older the girls give her "Party in a cup" AKA milk with whipped cream and sprinkles....AKA sugar high! She now requests it when we go there.....boy am I in trouble! But who doesn't love sprinkles!
Mike and Giada have been having a ton of fun making forts recently. They use every couch cushion, blanket and chair they can find. Then she ducks her head out of the castle with a "roar" and starts laughing hysterically!
Sometimes baby comes along and no roar
And sometimes in Super Girl costume!

Giada has had a tee and bat/ball set for awhile. She goes through fazes of using it.
I'm not sure she is improving :)
But the other day I noticed she hit the ball, threw the bat down and took off running. When she came back I asked her what she was doing - she said, "running like daddy"

We have been going to the slow pitch game, and I have to be sidelined....which is NO fun, but Giada has fun cheering for everyone, and running the bases after the game with Auntie Nat. I guess she is watching the game too :)

Last weekend we had an event at Williams Sonoma. They have an Artisan Market 1x per month in the SF Union Square location. Jeanne and I spent the day there and our products were well received. Always interesting to hear the questions people come up with! We are often asked lately which is our favorite flavor?? We are partial and it's hard for us to choose! We are looking forward to the May Market! Thanks again Chris and Timmer for stopping by. Always fun to see familiar faces at an event! People kept referring to the event as an upscale Costco tasting, which I found clever.
Giada is cracking us up every day with all the funny things she says:
-Lately it's "later, later" when you ask her do do something. She will also ask if you want a kiss, then say "later, later" but later can be a just a few seconds sometimes.
-We also make a lot of deals lately. She will say "It's a deal" and even have you shake on it from time to time.
- She enjoys watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse, the other day it was called "Minnie's Rainbow" she said "Why not Mickey's mom?" It's funny that she now listens to what they are saying and responds. Makes you also watch a little closer what you say around her.
-"Mommies tall, are you taller than daddy?"
- We were in the car and I reached over to rub Mike's back, and she said" Mom, don't touch daddy's back - he's driving"
-"My hair is long, I need a brush, knots"
-Oh, how could I forget this one....when we were in SLO a few weeks back we walked by this guy sitting on the planter downtown. He had a gray head of hair and a long gray beard. Giada kept saying something over and over, then we realized what it was. "That guy looks like Santa" as she is pointing at him. He was out of ear shot but it was our first of many awkward moments I'm sure.
-"Whats Oscar the grouch saying about trash" as he is singing I love trash on the CD we were listening to. I said "Trash is yucky" she said " no mom, trash is nice"
-As we drive out to Mike's parents we head down Hwy 12, she is so observant these days and remembers whatever you have told her. The latest is " Grapevines everywhere out my window again"
-Working on potty training again, it's a SLOW process :)

Baby Update
-I guess I'm overdue for a good belly photo! I'll get on that.
- A little over 6 months, and an appt tomorrow. Always feels good to have those and get everything ok'd.
- I had an appt for a different doctor last week, I have this nagging cough that I can't get rid of, but anyway, I mentioned to Giada that we might get to hear the baby at the appt. She grabbed my belly and said "Thump thump" It was cute. She always asks to hear brothers "Thump thump" now.
-He is kicking a ton, all day and quite a bit when I go to bed. I'm hopeful he will be a better sleeper than Giada, but good thing is, he can't be much worse!
-Still no name, or bedding. This week and next I plan on finding a new home for everything in the spare room/office...which needs to be converted to a nuresry - wish me luck!
-Otherwise can't complain. My stomach has only been itchy a few times recently, which was a big problem with Giada, guess it's already stretched out from last time :( We are busy busy so I'm fortunate that he has been easy so far, that fits in nice with our lifestyle. I'm still very active, but he is growing quickly lately and getting in the way a bit - like when I put shoes on etc.

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