Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Steph's Bachelorette & Giada's week...

Well the weekend came to help Steph celebrate for her bachelorette party. Steph will be marrying my brother in just 6 short weeks! We headed out to Ensenada on a 3 day cruise. There were about 14 of us and a good time had by all. Steph was a good sport and handled everything that was thrown her way. Her friends were full of surprises throughout the weekend, with many outfit changes and accessories to wear. There were quite a few other bachelorette parties on the cruise but everyone remembered the pirates from day 1! The scavenger hunt was lots of fun too! Thanks girls for including me and can't wait for rest of the wedding festivities!

Pirate Bride

Mother of the Bride
I've been to A LOT of bachelorette parties and never remember seeing a veil tail!
Good work Kyla!

The girls did a great job decorating all the rooms! As we arrived on the ship they told us Paco was too obscene for the guests so we had to keep him in our rooms!
Off for a day of fun in Ensenada, Mexico - which really meant spending the entire time off the ship at 2 bars. The girls were quite entertaining for this sober gal!
Lynz and Steph met some friends along the way
The first shot of many!
Fun on the ship!
This prego did not want to be in a swimsuit but wanted a tan!
And a cruise favorite the towel animals!

Some funny quotes from the weekend! People of course say all kinds of things to bachelorette parties when they are drunk!
- One guy was talking to us and asked my mom if we were happy about this guy she is going to marry. My mom said, "well I hope so, it's my son!" He was embarrassed but it was funny.
-Another lady asked us if it was Matt's first first marriage. I guess that's a question people ask these days. But my mom said, "yes and hopefully his only!"
-One evening Steph said, "that guy is hot but Matt's WAY hotter!"
-People kept asking my mom if she was my sister....real great pick up line
-Another girl came up to Steph and said, " oh you're getting married. Good luck, I've been on this cruise before and now I'm engaged to a different guy" We all looked at each other not sure how to respond. Real great advice.
- The morning after our trip day in Ensenada Steph had a letter under her door. Her ship and sail card had been revoked. I guess they thought the girl in the sombrero returning to the ship was a little drunk. We all had a good laugh out of it for the rest of the trip.

This was the longest I've ever been away from Giada. I told her before I left that I was going on a boat, she asked " Going fishing? Catch fish? Eat fish?" - Funny how a childs mind works. I missed her and Mike so much. Mike did a great job of emailing me a daily update and pictures which was fun to read at the end of the day. I came home to Giada telling me "I missed you when you were on the boat", and that I was "on the boat a long time." I also came home to a clean house which was such a surprise and so much appreciated!!! They sounded like they were so busy while I was gone. They saw both great grandmas, spent time at the ranch, played with the animals at Phillips Farm, took Sydney to the park, and watched the Giants game at the Kernals. She keeps yelling when the game is on "GO giants, hit the ball reeeeaaally high in the air!"

Earlier in the week we met Renee and Nico at Fairytale Town in Sacramento. It was our first time there, what a fun place!! We all can't wait to go back and are so glad that the Bushalacchi's live closer now. Thanks for the fun day Renee. Not the best pics, Renee might have some better ones later.

Nico and Giada riding Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage
Giada watering the vegetable garden. Not sure if they got more
water in the planters or on themselves!
Before I left we also went to Funtastic Center in Elk Grove. That was a fun place too. You can watch the kids play on all kinds of things and still get to visit with friends! Thanks for the invite Jenny and glad you could come Heather!! While Seve and Preston played, Giada made a new friend Gianna!
Baby update - 6 month mark!
- Feel great, he kicks a ton now, especially at night, and you can feel it on the outside now.
- Belly is growing quick but so far that seems to be the only part growing. I'm sure that is soon to change!
- Giada still seems happy about him coming but I'm sure has no real idea what that means.
- We are thinking about names, nothing yet.....not that we will share it, but I will be glad once we decide on something.
- I started looking at bedding so we can figure out the room....no luck there either. I'll keep looking. Send any suggestions my way!

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Mettler's said...

Hey there!!! Just updated myself on everything! You are such a trooper to not only go on a bachelorette pregnant but also do your longest trip away from Giada! What a great hubby to update you while you were gone too! :) You all look adorable!! And loved all the quotes from the weekend!

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