Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Wine Show, Spring Pics, Giada/Baby Update

Another week...and here are a couple things we were up to!
Spring Wine Show. Our first time doing this event in Lodi and it was a great turnout. 3,000 people over the 2 day event. It was the first time we really had a chance to taste the the flavors for everyone and they seemed to be well received. We also won the Best of Show award which was fun since we were up against local competitors! Mandie made me pose for this photo along with the the girl who ran the event. Dorky I know. :)
Giada has been playing with scarfs a lot lately. And recently she has been playing with Sydney and the scarfs. Poor Sydney. She is SUCH a good sport!!! We think about getting another dog but how can they be as great and patient as her???? She was completely covered with scarfs!
After bath the other night I put Giada in her pajamas and then she wanted to also wear her hat and gloves. It was funny, and she insisted on going to bed with them. I ended up pulling them off when she fell asleep but it made me giggle.
Lately Giada has been spending lots of time with Nana since we have been so busy with the oil. They go on lots of walks and stop to play in the trees along the way.

This is a sneak peek at the pictures we took this weekend with Stephanie Moe Photography. She had baby ducklings for the mini session. Giada pretty gentle with them, but would occasionally squeeze them so tight we had to keep an eye on her - we were worried for the ducks safety! It was a fun morning taking pictures.
Giada has been a busy bee lately. She is talking SO much and says such funny things.
Below are a few things she has been saying & doing!
- "Baby got hungry in the night mommy, feed him"
- When I was writing something she said " What are you drawing g da" That is how she pronounces her own name, and when you are writing anything she thinks its the alphabet or her name.
- She asks if its the ABCs if she sees words written anywhere
- She can do a somersault on her own
-She bites the edges/corners of a piece of cheese and yells out "Octagon"
- She says "Hold you" when she means "Hold me"
- LOVES playing with worms, seeing trash trucks and playing outside...maybe having a boy won't be that much different :)
-Enjoys cooking in her play kitchens at Nana's and Nonni's - she comes up with the funniest things she makes for you
- Some of her shows ask questions. Mickey Mouse asked her is she was ready for a great day at the club house, she answered " yes Mickey I am"
- Giada loves her uncle Scott (Meyer) - the other night he was over and she asked what he was doing. It was mentioned that he was "tooling out" So then out of the blue now she says "Scott tooled out" it's so funny.
- Loves finding shadows outside
- Very into telling you a secret in your ear, but it's always the same secret and it always has to do with popsicles.
- My mom and I have always signed the I Love you sign to each other. As we drive away, we always have sign it to each other. So, we started trying to teach Giada how to do the sign. She doesn't really get it, but she sticks out one finger and yells " I love you sign" It's so funny, we both crack up and she does it every time we drive away now

Baby Update
- 23 weeks
- He is kicking a lot and I can feel it on the outside now
- When you ask Giada what we should name him she says "Baby Brother"
- He is the size of a mango and weighs 1 lb.
- Feeling great and growing quick!
- We are so busy this pregnancy is flying by! Can't believe it's only a few months away.

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