Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom's bday, Stitches, Oil News

This week was eventful in many ways!
The family was off to the California Olive Oil Council Annual Meetings in Monterey. It is always fun to see Gina & Scott, the weather was beautiful and meetings went well. We have just released our new flavored oils. Lemon, Basil and Jalapeno. We milled the fruit/produce/herb in with olives during milling. The good news is Basil won a Gold medal and Jalapeno won a Gold medal and Best of Show at the competition!!
But.... before we left I decided to meet Heather and Seve at the park to play for a bit before we had to go. Normally Giada is jumping off things, and running all around. This time she was just crawling up the toddler play area and slipped on a step and cut her lip open. So off to the doctor we went. Good thing Mike came with me!! She needed a stitch in her lip, and they had to put her in a straight jacket!!! So hard when she is yelling "mommy hold me". I surprised myself and didn't cry but did leave the room for a bit during the procedure. Of course they are telling me not to stress since I'm pregnant....well that is easier said than done! But I could hear her down the hall anyway so I came back in the room at the end. Good news is ...the swelling came down overnight and she hasn't been bothered by it since! Stitches out Friday!!
Earlier in the week we were at the labeling place, and Giada was directing
the boys where to place the cases on the pallets.

Weather has been nice out...lots of chalk drawing outside.
I always ask what she is drawing - this one was Sydney, can't you tell!??

Celebrated mom's birthday this week. Happy Birthday Mom/Nana!! XO

Giada update
- She has been talking up a STORM. I love it and it's so fun to hear the things she comes up with
-She knows what red light, green lights are - so as soon as she sees the light turn she yells "GO Green!!" She doesn't understand if you are a few cars back why you can't go- LOL
-Lately when Giada wakes up from a nap, if it has been a long one, she calls me by saying "Mom I want a hug" which is much more pleasant for me!
-We are SLOWLY working on potty training. She didn't have a diaper for some reason on the other day so I asked if she wanted to pee in the potty or her diaper...she answers "none of those mom"
-We went on a bike ride last week and sometimes I ride on the sidewalk sometimes the bike lane. She kept patting me on the back saying something, I finally figured out she was saying "sidewalk" when I got back up there she says "sidewalk, that's better mom"
-She loves spicy food just like Mike. Doritos makes a hot chip called Fiery Habanero, it's even spicy for us. She loves them and eats so many. Once in awhile she says its hot, drinks something and eats more!!!
-She is big on the group hug with Mike and I, it always happens at dinner and then she kisses us both on the cheek. The other night Mike was gone and she said "Where's dad for group hug" - too funny.
-Giada is given Pez candy from Pops(my dad) very often. The other day she had brought some back from their house and decided brother needed some. She put them in my belly button for brother....although it was cute, I didn't really want pez shoved in there!

Baby Update
-20 weeks, half way point!
-Ultrasound today, he is the length of a banana and weighs 14 oz which apparently is right on track. Always fun to see the pics and hear the heartbeat. We asked Giada if she wanted to go see brother today at the doctor. She said "hear the sound" which means heartbeat. I was impressed she remembered since she has only been once. Then she said "soap on tummy" which is also funny. The things kids can absorb.
- Still not even close on a name
-I feel great and am growing quickly
- I think this is the only time I like low rise jeans, I can still button them and haven't had to go to maternity pants yet. But barely...the time is near.
-I'm having very vivid dreams at night but they are all about real events that could happen so it's very weird to wake up and have to figure out if it happened or not!

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