Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pics w/ KR, Nico's bday, Calivirgin Body Butter, Baby Brooklyn & Steph's Shower

All weeks for us are crazy. But this spring is beginning to be the craziest yet!

Happy St Patricks Day from my "thug" daughter. She had on an assortment of new gifts from Aunt Patsy. She loves her new frog hat and wears it everyday!

Kristen and I wanted to take pictures last year in the yellow flowers (which I actually think are weeds) but look pretty this time of year. Last year we missed it, but this year we had a fun afternoon playing around the vineyards. Thanks KR. She had plenty of laughs at all the things KR and I were doing to get her to laugh.
It was windy out her hair was blowing around a mess, but she thought it was funny!

We did some bubble blowing...

And then..Giada found some sticks to play with..... and then the inevitable MUD!

Gina was in town for a few days. We always love having her home...so Jeanne and I had her help us with the Calivirgin Body Butter. So it's back by popular demand. We should have it for sale at the Spring Wine Show this weekend and on the website in the next couple weeks!

We were off to SF this weekend to celebrate Nico's 2nd bday. It was at the SF Aquarium - the kids had a blast! Nico signing himself Happy Birthday was the highlight- too cute!

The girls enjoyed the tide pools!

The boys and their babies!

As if that wasn't enough I hosted Steph(future sis in law's) wedding shower. I was ready to head over to start setting up Sunday morning when I got a phone call...... Woodbridge Country Club called to tell me the shower was cancelled the had no power! This was at 8:30am as I was walking out the door. I made a TON of calls and the Dancing Fox came through for us and did a great job!! Shower started at 11 right on time and went off without a hitch. I was pretty unsure of how things would go until from about 8:30-10....but then all was well. Steph received so many nice gifts and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
Giada joined us at the shower and had a fun time helping Auntie Steph open presents, playing with her nana and nonni, and eating a TON of candy!
A few guest pics...
Steph with her future mother in law and mom!
Bridal Party
Present time! She got a few gifts that were traditional..
Some that were fun...
And some that were unique with her new last name! Get used to people spelling it wrong for the rest of your life Steph! :)

I got this wine barrel personalized for the Mr. and Mrs.
RTB barrels(local Lodi company) did a great job and can put anything you want on a barrel. Logos, names etc. Look them up!
Maid of honor- Lynz, great job on the boquet!

Baby Brooklyn has joined the other softball babies.
She was born March 16 - 6lbs. 8oz. Congrats Dub and JJ!

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Sloan Family said...

Ok, so I'm playing catch up and am a little late in reading this post, but love the pic with the mud on her knees! Cute, cute, outfit too!