Monday, March 14, 2011

Zoo, Stitch out, 20 weeks, New fish

Every week when I do the blog I have to laugh. Some weeks I think wow- I didn't take many photos this week, and then when I start downloading I always have too many. This week was CRAZY busy but we managed to squeeze in some fun of course.

We headed to the Sacramento Zoo this weekend with Nicole, Dylan, Aubrey and Lindsay. What a fun day we had. I can't remember ever going there before....I know weird since it's so close. It was great. Clean, not very busy, and great variety of animals. When I keep asking Giada what she liked best she says "Ostrich, Flamingo, Giraffe" Weird choices...I know.... and she told someone we didn't see any monkeys....humm.... But the train ride was a highlight, Dylan and Giada would have been happy if we had just kept riding that the entire time. We also hit up the carousel. Good day out in Sac. Thanks for joining Linds!

Aubrey was a perfect angel of course!

Oh they also had free fun activities for the kids to do around the zoo.
This one was a comparison of their hand print to the Orangutans.

Riding the Cricket....AKA Praying Mantis
Walking down the stairs we always tell Giada to put one hand on the wall...there is not a railing. So she was instructing Tinkerbell to do the same as she went down.
She is full of instructions these days.

These daffodils bring a smile to my face each time I come in the kitchen. Something about them just reminds me of spring. I don't mind the rain, they just look cheerful I guess. Actually I haven't minded the time change either. Giada still woke up at her regular 6, but the clock said 7 so to me that looked WAY better and it was light out! I'm all for both of those things!
We had a loss this week. Aubrey fish stopped swimming. I wasn't sure if Giada was old enough to get it. Mike decided she was and we should bury her. So, we had Giada pick a spot out by the flowers, and then got her a new fish. We told her she stopped swimming etc. She keeps wanting to dig her up in the backyard and now tells everyone Aubrey stopped swimming. She hasn't forgotten. But she does like her new blue fish called "Boo" We were careful not to say she was sick because then when we use that word we didn't want her to think everything dies. And it's only a fish so we got her a new one but I realize you can't do that for everything that passes. But this worked for our 2 year old! And so far Boo is doing well!
This week we also got the stitch out. I thought this was a quick removal. WRONG. It was just as bad if not worse than putting the stitch in. I had to hold her down, a nurse holding her head etc. She was NOT happy and he couldn't grab the stitch :( After awhile....they brought out the good ol straight which Giada yelled "NO MOMMY!" so obviously she remembered it. Finally they got it out....and when we left all is well, now she says "Dr take out string" The whole thing really wasn't bad at all except the 2 times in the doctor. Otherwise she didn't mess with it. I hope it's the last of these doctor trips....but I realize that is probably not the case. We went to see our friends at House of Coffee and they made her a smoothie with that made her a happy girl.
Visit from Italy. We had some friends move to Italy about a year ago. They were in town to visit and we had a great dinner with them catching up. Thanks Susie for hosting, the food was delicious. Lucca Bella was so sweet and played with Giada all night, the two had so much fun together.
Baby update-20 weeks
(By the way - why am I always wearing stripes!)
These darn pics don't show it. The belly is growing quick. Everyone I see says "oh its really popping out!" He is moving around a bit more so that's always fun. I have started clearing out his room, so I can do it slowly and not get overwhelmed. There is NO where to put all the stuff in the office/spare room that is about to be his room, so I better get started early. I should probably start looking at bedding too. That always takes me awhile. I never feel more hungry when I'm pregnant, and this time I don't either. But I have been making my favorite salad and then when I go to eat it....I don't have one bite and it doesn't look good...hope that passes!

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You look great! The stripes crack me up because I'm always wearing them too! I wonder why the heck I think horizontal stripes are okay!