Friday, October 12, 2012

Fog Willow Pumpkin Patch, Em Visits, Water Play, & Cows

Well even though it is October it is still HOT. We are still playing in the water and the kids love it.  Of course Giada would rather play in a mud hole than clean water - lol

Stella is getting to be a big girl. She sits in the bumbo chair when she stays with us.  She was so tired one day but wouldn't sleep. I set her in the chair and she was out!  Once I transferred her to a better resting spot, the big kids jumped right in to check out the chair. No such luck on it making them fall asleep! lol

Forgot to post these last week but a couple weeks ago when Mike's cousin Emily was visiting we had dinner with the family! Not the kids best dinner outing but great to see Em as always!

I decorated for Fall this past week and I hope it helps the hot weather get out of here!! It is nice and fall like today but I see 80s for next week - argh! 
Every year we head to Fog Willow Pumpkin Patch with some of our teacher friends who are on 2 week break. Always a good time! It is such a fun one for kids of this age.

What fun it is to feed the cattle!!
 Jeanne and I headed to our last event of the season (who hoo!) It was our first time at Canada College Arts and Olive Festival. We will head back again next year for sure - great event!!

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