Saturday, October 6, 2012

Limors wedding - Weekend in Venice and Giadaisms!

Limor got hitched!! Last weekend Mike and I headed to Venice/Long Beach last for Limor and Dave's wedding.  We had a great time celebrating with friends. No pics to show but thank you Noriegas for meeting us for dinner Friday night- so great to catch up with you two!!  Cocktails on the rooftop, a 16 mile run on the beach and lots of singing and dancing - fun weekend!  The violist playing throughout the night was so neat!!! Congrats Limor!!
Thanks to mom and Jeanne for watching the kiddos while we were away!! XO!

 Stella is getting to be a big girl. We venture out a little more when we have her for the day.  It's all laughing when we start the walk...then they are out!

1st cousins!
 3rd cousins!
 Giada really enjoys building things.  I asked her what she was doing here...she said "fixing this lock, it's broken!"
-Giada is an adventurous eater and usually willing to try anything. This week she tried sashimi and loved it. She said "I'm going to think about if I like it after I chew it.......... I do like it"
- We were riding bikes the other night and she stops her bike yells to the boys across the street "hi boys" and waves to them.....yikes I am in trouble
- She often asks "why do I not turn pink like flamingos, I eat lots of shrimp"
- Giada how did you sleep last night? "excellent"
- "We are not on captain hooks team we are on jake and the never land pirates team"
- Giada found a bird feather at my moms house the other day.  When the neighbor walked by she asked him if he knew where it came from. He said maybe that bird across the street.  She said" it is not from that bird this is a blue feather and that is a Robin over there"
- " I knew I could always count on you mommy"
- I said "oh shit" she said "Mom you can say oucha magoucha, oh man, ouch, but not that mean word" lol
- loves rhyming even if she makes up words herself
- lots of make believe and story telling

- likes blowing kisses and waving
- loves to feed himself, makes a huge mess but is getting better. Throws his food when he is done, which  is terrible and NOT something Giada did!!
- imitates noises; mostly from Giada
- leg is much better just a slight limp now
- enjoys yogurt, fruit, peas, ham, turkey, crackers
- picks up lots of items and pretends it's a phone he is talking on
- so many kid book have things you can touch and feel. Now if we are reading anything he touches the pages.  He thinks all books are that way
- loves baths, he and Giada have started getting WILD in there. It's a wet mess everywhere when bath time is over!
- throws balls and toys everywhere

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