Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beach, Boardwalk, Birthdays!

Lots of birthdays for us in September! Happy Birthday Matthew!
 Not sure how Giada will like it when she has to share the candle blow out with other kids - lol

Little Stella is growing up. Her legs are getting stronger, she has started arching up more and smiles a ton!  (Even though she's not performing in this pic!)
This may just look like dogs in a lake but Belle FINALLY swam out in the lake with Sydney. She usually waits for Syd and then steals the toy.  She only did it once, but that's a start!

 A weekend away for the Coldani's. Good times always at the beach and the Boardwalk. Mike went on a ton of rides with Giada while Gino and I had plenty of people watching to do! She is so brave and would get upset when she wasn't tall enough o go on even bigger rides. She enjoyed the kids roller coaster and the log ride!! She went over and over! We of course spent time in the arcades too and cashed in our 100 + tickets for a yo-yo that  probably cost them .13 cents! lol  Giada of course made a friend at the beach and taught her how to collect crabs!

 Gino is so much messier of an eater than Giada!! This pic of him standing may not seem that cool to you but to us it is great. Gino had a spill on the slide last week and sprained his ankle. He went back to crawling and would not put any weight on his left leg for a week.  It was so weird to see him standing like a flamingo with one leg up and crawling around again. He is upright now and back to walking. He has a limp and is not quite steady yet - but on the mend!!

                                                          Log Ride Official Photo! The video won't post; Ill try again later!


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