Monday, September 17, 2012

Pops Bday, Stella, Canning, Sydney, Grape Festival, & Happy Anniversary to us!

Happy Birthday Dad/Pops!  Yes, it looks like the cake is on fire. 
I can assure you there were a lot of candles, but no fire!
 Pops with all his grand kids!
 Baby Stella found that tongue! We do enjoy our Stella days, Gino is trying to steal her bottles and pacifiers less and wanting to help now. She gets lots of kisses too!
Not only does Giada want to wear all purple often, she is always finding places for Tink to hide. (Gelbart this worries me) 
"Mom this is a great outfit, all purple and the perfect spot for Tink to sit when I run with you"
 I finally did a class with Community Tab and Table in Sac. So much fun. This was a canning class and I plan to do more with them...good times!

Sydney really is the best dog ever. There are many reasons. Here are a few...Letting Giada put stickers all over her, or letting Giada put clips in her hair! 
Or letting Gino ride her like a horse! (Despite what the photo looks like Sydney is not being harmed)
 Smiley Kid! Those teeth gaps make cute pics now, but may require lots of dental work later - lol!
 So, I go to Ikea and give the kids cones to distract them while I shop around. All was going well, until Gino decided to put the cone in his ear!  No worries, I'd do it again...totally worth the distraction!
  You be the judge... she comes to me and says "Mom, this looks just like Dylan, arms and legs and everything"

Giada starts crying and comes to me with this hamster in her hair!! Once we finally get it out she says
 " Its ok we can just put the hair back on my head"

Grape Festival! The year is not complete without a trip. Mike I took the kids, and met up with the Kernals for a night of fun! We got out of there with a snow cone, corn dog, rides and NO blow up souvenirs...go us! lol
Of course Giada wants to hold the snake. It is too heavy for one person so luckily Mike stepped up and I was off the hook. This kid loves reptiles!
 Last but not least...Happy Anniversary to us! 6 years later!  We headed to SF to celebrate.

 We did the tour. I highly recommend it. Mike and I both had a great time. It is a walking tour of either North Beach, Mission, or Chinatown. Once in awhile there is a combo tour. We had one of those North Beach/Chinatown. You eat your way through those areas, hearing stories all along the way from the tour guide. Such a fun way to try new foods and learn about different cultures. I recommend this to anyone that enjoys a new adventure and likes to eat.
And a bonus we got to have dinner with Timmer and Chris. They were in the city to celebrate Tim's bday so we ended up heading to the Supper Club. A unique place to dine, but fun to check out as well!  We ended the night at the piano bar. Dueling can never go wrong.
Great to see you guys!!
 Thanks mom and dad for watching the kids for us. Looks like they too had no shortage of fun!

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kdosreis said...

I heard you saw a familar furry face at the canning class! I love T&T's classes! Glad you had fun!