Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fancy Food Show, Giada turns 4!, Crab Feed & Dentist!

Fancy Food Show 2013 - San Francisco
Always a good time and learning experience!
A good night out with Nick and Nicole in the city. An adult only dinner is always a nice break!
After reading MANY reviews we headed to the Castro to Anchor Oyster Bar.  Totally worth the hour + wait if you ever have the time. Seats about 20 people maybe.  We were brought delicious clam chowder while we waited and once inside sat at the bar for one of the best meals we've had to date.  Excellent customer service as well! Good times!
Pajama Day at Giada's School.  The kids got to bring blankets and pillows to school and had a relaxing day watching movies.
Our little girl turned 4! We celebrated with morning donuts, trip to the nail shop. (Tried real hard to tell her it's a birthday treat - we will see how long that lasts :) Then our now tradition rainbow cake birthday celebration for dinner!  No shortage of fun for this girl.

We made mini cupcakes to take to school too!
Don't worry Gino had lots of fun on Giada's birthday too!
We also managed some fun at the park too on birthday day!  Apparently Giada didn't like our photo idea! I should not have told her it was time to leave the park BEFORE the photo. At least Stella and Gino thought we were funny!
Thank you for all the birthday calls and messages. I shared them all with Giada. Super fun with Face Time and Videos. I think the Gramms and Kerns take the cake on those.  Cain and Stella sent cute pics!

And if that wasn't enough celebrating we had a birthday party at the WOW science museum. Perfect place for kids- thank you to all who celebrated with us.  Giada wanted a Brave theme, and with the crazy month we had, I was surprised I pulled it off!
One fun thing about the WOW museum is the science experiment. I chose goop/slime.  Not sure the parents realized they had to participate as much as they did.  Some kids were messier than others!


Now our Brave girl is set in her Merida Dress!

 Testing out some of her Tangled wig!
And she was also given a live's a real zoo over here. Turtle named Shiny Tiny, Periwinkle the Hermit Crab, Blue Fish the Beta Fish, Max the cat, Belle and Sydney the dogs!  And no the Hermit Crab cannot be in the same aquarium as the Turtle...of course not! Fun Fun over here!!

Gino enjoyed the new toys too! He kept poking her with the arrows to wake her up - it was too funny! He would look at me and laugh!
 I LOVE crab feeds! I make a big pile then casually eat all that I worked for! Good times out!

Happy 2nd Birthday Stella! We enjoyed our breakfast party!

 What better place to go after a week long birthday celebration...the dentist of course! She did ask where "Dr Kerry was??"

 Our little Stella is growing up!  8 months old!

 Not the reason we prefer Neps to come home, but it was great to see her. We will miss you Papa, thank you for sharing him with us Mern.

Enjoying reading these days!

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