Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Long post & Kiddo updates!

Happy Birthday Brixten! Very fun birthday at the firehouse! Out of all the kids there...mine are the only ones that get injured - lol! Gino falls off the truck and Giada gets her fingers slammed in the cab door.  They were back to playing in no time!  Thanks for the fun Al!

What is more fun than your favorite team being in the Superbowl!?!? This year was funny. The big parties are fun but not when you actually want to watch the game! This year we stayed home and it was very nice. Steve and Jeanne came by and we celebrated their anniversary early with a Cioppino dinner!

 One last birthday gift. A play kitchen from Nonni and Nonno. Lots of fun for both kids! Now if we could just get Gino to realize it's play food and stop trying to eat it. 

 They will both turn 8 this year! Always have been best buds!
 It cracks me up how you are such a product of your environment. Giada loves avocado with a little balsamic drizzled over. 
The oil events have begun. I spent a weekend at Abundance during the Wine and Chocolate Festival. Always fun to have to do tastings. It is entertaining, to say the least!

Disney On Ice - Cinderella and her Princes! Great show, kids had a blast. Giada said her favorite parts were the fireworks at the end and the horse on ice skates. I didn't think that the kids would think it was a real horse on the ice. Love kids minds!

 Random kid pics. Giada and Gino have been reading together lately, it's adorable.  

Early morning donut making!
The girl who told Gino not to touch her, because she didn't want to get dirty; is of course holding snails.
 This big girl is 8 months today, but I forgot to post this 7 month pic. She is crawling and quickly. Matt and Steph are in for a whole new world. She found the stairs too! Fun Fun!
 Happy Valentines Day
Supporting Bre for the last studio pics!

Not the best pics, but it was a delicious dinner. For quite a few years now Mike makes dinner for Valentines Day. He researches a ton of recipes, is a good cook and never disappoints. This year Giada was so excited to help him and keep the menu a secret from me. 
 You think I'm kidding when I say he does EVERYTHING she does. I'm not. She tilts her head for a picture....he runs over to the wall and does the same thing.
She puts on her sunglasses, he goes and grabs a pair of hers and refuses his pair! 

 Thanks Matt and Steph for watching the kiddos while we went to dinner!

 Brunch with the Deans! Thanks for making the stop on your long drive home! The kids had so much fun playing together and are growing up so quickly!

 This little guy loves his baths, and is NOT happy when I take him out!

Fun night in Sac celebrating Hilder's birthday. Let me know how 33 treats you old lady! 
I'm not there for QUITE awhile! :)

 Prime Rib and Shrimp dinner, with all you can drink...count me in! Live bands are always fun and the people watching at this event was pretty unbeatable!  Thanks for organizing Jenn! (Not sure where you were during the photo, maybe on stage making ridiculous requests!!)
I LOVE crab feeds. I'm one of those who makes a big mound and then enjoys it slowly....then makes another mound. I do not eat as I go!  This crab feed was a for Ginas friend Jocelyn Mancebo who passed away from a brain tumor. Always a great one; helping to reach the goal Jocelyn set! It was very interesting to hear from her surgeon speak on what they directly use the money towards - amazing medical research. Calivirgin donated Lusty Lemon Olive Oil to many crab feeds in the San Joaquin county this year. It is so tastey on the crab and a healthy alternative to butter!  Always good on the bread and salads too!  Can't wait until crab feed season starts again next year. Also a fun night out with the Coldani girls. Thanks for driving Gina!

 Linds found this old pic. Gino was so tiny and I think it was the first time I left him alone with anyone. Seemed fitting to post this again right before his 18 month update!

Gino Ray Coldani 18 MONTHS
- Height 2' 9.5"  (82%)
- Weight 25lbs 1 oz. (60%)
- This guy is back sleeping all night, after a minor set back when he had an ear infection. Glad we are over that hump. He still goes to bed early around 6:30 and is up right at 6. And yes, I have tried putting him to bed later and he does not sleep in later!!
- On the move all day. Climbing on EVERYTHING. He will move a stool or chair to climb to something higher.  
- Good eater, still never turns down fruit. Hit and miss on meats. Loves yogurt.
- Still has a pacifier, we are now only giving to him in the car sometimes and when he sleeps. If he doesn't see it he is fine. If he sees it he wants it! 
- Saying quite a few words now. They are not totally understandable but I can understand them. "ank ewe (thank you)", peas (please), up, ouch, hot (which is for something cold or hot), juice, mama, dada, pops, Ga-da (giada),  apple,  the list goes on
-loves balls
- loves dressing up in all Giada's play clothes
- loves twirling around in circles until he falls down
-helpful feeding dogs
-making towers and knocking them over

Giada Michela Coldani 4 YEARS
- Height 3' 6.35" (92%)
- Weight 40 lbs, 2 oz (83%)
-GOOD eater,  not much she turns down. Likes seafood of all types, loves shrimp, sushi, pasta, fruits, avocado
- Loves dressing herself these days and it is a lost cause. The one wild, one plain idea that once worked, no longer does. She also wants to have about 5-10 accessories on at any one time. Could be headbands, necklaces, tights. Doesn't like hard pants (jeans), only wants to wear tights and dresses.... I mean is this even my child?? :)
- Big imagination these days, very good story teller.
- Loves preschool and will start going 3 days instead of 2 in the fall.
- Loves running, collecting things, playing outside. Getting much better on her bike and scooter.
- Enjoys games, memory game is a hit.
- Dances, hops on one foot
- Changes clothes MULTIPLE times a day
-Very helpful with pets

- As we are driving "does the  yellow light mean to go fast?" Giada, who taught you that? "Pops"
-"Mom, you know who I love?" No Giada who?  "Myself"  lol, no confidence problem here!
" Mom I l ove you as many as I can count"
" You know why I don't like black? Because it is not in the rainbow!"
" A boomerang is a funny stick you throw and it comes right back to you!"
I said " I love you Giada" she says "I know you do mom"
When she counts....38, 39, Thirty ten
"When you give me a hug, my heart is happy"
"Look what Im making with my hands?" (hands in a triangle) I guess....triangle? diamond?.... no a Plum   (I'm thinking...or right, why didn't I suggest that!)
"Pops calls me I look like a heart"
"I cant wait to have adult drinks when I get older but my mom said I have to wait a long time"

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