Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Graeagle, Stella pics, Gma Barbara bday, & School Pics

Another fun trip to Graeagle. Although the snow was pretty old and icy, the kids had a blast. We did not get to go snowshoeing which was a bummer. Next time! We found a snow hill and I'm not sure who had more fun; the kids or Mike and Nick going down those hills.
Cheers to hot chocolate!
Of course pics on the bear!
Snow ball throwers also make delicious snow cones!
If it can be a pole for swinging, Gino will give it a try!  So much for Giada's princess hideaway.

As if the Insanity workout is not tough enough, the kids want to join and sit on me while I attempt push ups!  So dinner in the living room it is to distract them!

No sooner did Stella start crawling, she found the stairs!

The bus has moved on and looks like it is a hit!

Happy Birthday Grandma Barbara

 Go Giants! It's almost opening day!

Cousin Wes and Uncle Scott game over for a visit from the city. Kids had a blast playing together! 
Preschool pictures for the year.  How does this guy get everyone to smile??

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