Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jelly Belly Factory, Daffodil Hill, Playtime w/ Friends, Easter Fun & Nonnos bday!

Giada's school was on a 2 week break so Heather and I thought the kids should go on at least one adventure! Jelly Belly Factory it was!  I hadn't been there since I was little and couldn't remember much. It was a great tour, kids had a blast. Giada said her favorite was the robot that waved to her. They have a robot that dumps the Jelly Belly's into these bins; they have it stop and wave to the kids. Big hit.

There was a ton of murals all made out of Jelly Belly's.

Kids aren't always ready for Giada's hugs. 
 Dress up is a favorite thing for Giada. Peyton and Giada changed outfits over and over!
 While the boys were in Reno, the girls enjoyed breakfast and the park.  The kids think it's just play time for them, but we love the visit too!  Breakfast with her BFF!

Aunties planned a great afternoon for some of their favorite Little's!! Thanks again so much KR & CS! 
Egg Dying, Egg Hunt & Cookie Decorating!


Naturally Gino quickly found the chocolate egg and then nothing else mattered to him!

My mom wanted to take a trip up to Daffodil Hill! I had never been before. It was a fun adventure,  beautiful ranch, and fun place to picnic. 


 Egg dying at Nana's! Annual tradition.

1, 2, 3, .....go!

Big girl is holding her own bottle these days!

Happy Birthday Nonno! This week we celebrated Steve's birthday.
 Kids of course loved helping with the candles. Great night with family!

 Brother/Sister Love!

Finally caught up with Marla, and kiddos got some play time with JZ!

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