Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter Fun, Race Video & Birthdays Galore

Every year the kids do the Easter Fun Run at Lodi Lake. This year Gino participated too. It is quick and the kids seem to look forward to it every year.

Click this youtube link to check out the run

Stella and Gino checking out the competition

Easter fun all week! Egg hunt at school with all her friends.

 Always a fun tradition taking pictures with the Easter Bunny.
  Giada was all for it and wanted to make sure he knew our address.

Gino felt about the same as he did for Santa. I told the bunny to hold 
on tight I was still going to take a photo! :-)

More Easter Egg dying with friends. You'd think they would be experts by now. I thought the new sponge painting would be fun but it was a complete mess. They all had dyed hands.

 Looks like he found our house and had a carrot snack as well!


Stella's 1st Easter

Fuhrman Easter!
Happy Birthday Sum!

The weather has been crazy lately. Some days we are inside being lazy in the rain. Some days it is hot and we are outside for lunch!

Start them young! Go Giants!

Giada has been into reading to Gino lately. I can't get enough of it! 
Annual California Olive Oil Council Meetings in Monterey. Always a nice getaway and great for the industry to get together and collaborate!

While we were away the kids had no shortage of fun. Thank you mom for watching the kiddos.  Giada had her 1st sleepover! Thank you Kerns, looks like fun had by all. Moni, sorry we missed the party. For the looks of it Pixie Hallow was a success!

Party #2 of the weekend. Thanks Heather for taking G. Happy Birthday Kiara! 
Last but not least! Happy Birthday Grandma Carol! 

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