Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New kiddo pics, lots of birthdays & a half marathon!

Awhile back we took some pics for Stephanie Moe Mini session. How could I forget to post them!?Love these cutie pies!

Also can't remember if I ever posted these. Stephanie announced early on that if the Giants won the World Series she would do Giants family pictures.  We were happy to participate.  I should not have worn my Will Clark jersey; as you can't see the back anyway...what was I thinking?? And it took a LONG time for our Lou Seal to participate, but we have gotten a lot of use out of that costume and some cute pics as well. Thanks Steph for your patience!! Go GIANTS!

Stella is a big girl, eating real food now! The kids are so good with her, but now we have to make Gino not share with her. He wants to share all his food; much of which she isn't ready for! She has a ton of teeth, the fangs are no longer the front 2 teeth have arrived.

Play date with Nico! Finally Renee and I were both free on the same day. We spent a few hours at a bouncy house place then ice cream, kids had a blast and we finally got to visit. 

Best  Show and Tell EVER.  Madison's dad brought a calf to school.
  Giada still hasn't stopped talking about it. Way to go Adam!
 Lots of birthdays the last couple weeks. Happy Birthday Nana, Peyton, Brooklyn and Nico!

 The Busalacchi's should be professional party planners. They leave no stone unturned. The pirate party was a complete success! Argh Matey!


So great to see the softball girls! Love having you in CA tuuubbbb! Gino and Livi in heavy conversation!

 A little chocolate from Auntie in the KR...... only slightly melted!!

Bribe the kids to behave at the mall, and everyone's happy. 

So I signed up for the Shamrockin Half Marathon in hopes that I would continue working out after I did the CIM marathon in December. That was an epic fail! I instead took 3 months off. Ran a handful of times, never over 6 miles. These runs are a funny thing, and mostly mental. I knew I would get through it somehow, just unsure of how fast. I was very pleased with how it went! And congrats to Mr. Diehl for surpassing his goal! 

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