Sunday, May 12, 2013

Marla's Baby Shower, CP Cambria Trip, & Randoms

LOVE these kiddos!

Shower for Marla and Mason! We are all so excited Marla and Jared are welcoming a new baby boy Mason in a few weeks.  His "Aunties" can't wait to meet him. We also love and excuse for a party! 

For the past few years some of our Cal Poly friends have gotten together with all our families once a year for a vacation. It is a blast, and every year the families grow! This year it was Cambria.  I didn't have to do anything for this trip, it felt so weird to just show up. Thanks Nicole and Chris for excellent planning and can't wait to see what Jenny and Moni have in store next year!  The Pickford House is Cambria; although a bit odd, is a great place to stay! The bar area was perfect for tooling out and being loud, and each family had their own room/bathroom. Cambria even has a Firestones!! Huge bonus. 

There was lots of snuggling, coloring, chalk, bikes, scooters and beach time!

Can never teach them too early to tend bar right?! And surprisingly none of them broke anything. Some things were broken, but we won't name any names Timmer will we?
Most of the kiddos!

Before heading home we went to one of Mike's favorite places. Montana de Oro State Park. It is so beautiful there and the sand dunes and tide pools were just as much fun for us as it was for the kids. There is hardly anyone there. Once you climb over the huge sand dunes and make your way to the beach, you have the place to yourself. It's very secluded. Great spot for lunch and tide pooling.

 I'm due for some Giadaism's but here is a quick one. She was watching the movie Ratatouille. I was trying to distract Gino so I said, "hey Gino look at that mouse" She says to me, "It's not a mouse, it's a rat, the movie is not called Mouseatouille it's called Ratatouille"'re right, my bad.

The kids definitely have their not so sweet moments too; but bedtime is pretty cute. Gino has been moved to the toddler bed. He was trying to climb out and it makes me just too nervous.  Giada reads to him before bed. It is so cute, I just sit and listen.  After reading him 3 books one night she says, "Gino that's enough books for tonight, goodnight honey"She then gave him a kiss. So cute and funny to see them do what they have seen you do a million times.
Lots of silly faces these days!

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