Thursday, May 23, 2013

Preschool, Visits w/friends, Sac Zoo, Mothers Day & the 29-4!

Another year has gone by for Giada at preschool. She continues to love Grace, and we always enjoy open house. This year she gave herself spikey red hair and tons of accessories! 

Sac visit with Dub and Red; per the usual, tons of laughs! The kids had a blast playing together, especially freeze dance & trampoline. Brookyln got after it saying bye to Gino; it was so adorable.

 St Mary's Olive Oil Festival. Always a good event. Mike brought the kids out and they loved the Kids Zone - games, face painting, water play, plants to garden with and a bonus it was all in the shade. It was SO hot that day; Jeanne and I felt like we were in a Sauna under that canopy.  
 Happy Mothers Day! It is a funny holiday; you want to see your mom, your mother in law, sis in law, and now it's a holiday for me too. Although none of the moms should have to do all the work that day! So we may have found a great compromise. We went to the lake, all brought a small contribution and had a nice brunch for a couple hours. It was relaxing and nice to see everyone.  
 Giada of course had a blast. Lizard catching and fishing!

Dentist time again! G is getting so brave, she said " I don't even need you in the room mom"

 Happy Birthday to me! Breakfast with my littles at my parents and I enjoyed a nice lunch and dinner out as well.  Happy 29-4 to me! 
 Also Happy 2nd Anniversary to Matt and Steph. My mom took the kids out to Oak Farms where they got married to get Matt and Steph some wine. The kids enjoyed the adventure; fun place to roam around and picnic. 

Last week when we had Stella we decided to go to the Sacramento Zoo. Heather and I were outnumbered 5-2; but the kids were all super cooperative and had a blast! 
Feeding the giraffes is always a highlight.

Stella is now walking, but last week she was so close. Giada loves to help her!
 Big fun this weekend to visit with the Kanters before they head back north. The weather was beautiful and the kids spent hours in the pool, only to get out for a few minutes for snow cones. Thanks for a good time Jenny & Aaron. See you on the next visit!

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