Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July & Babies!!

As you can see I am avoiding the long posts of Australia and NYC. I've decided to focus on the 4th and all the new babies!! Renee, Marla and Gina all had babies within days and Monika is next week! Helps with that baby itch I always have tugging at me.

We had only been home for a day but still decided to head up to Graeagle. It is SO relaxing there, and 4th of July has the best old time, small town feel there, nothing compares. I am glad we went. Lots of relaxing, eating, drinking and visiting with friends.

Matt and I took shot together. He took his well...mine didn't go down quite as smooth!

 Best fireworks show around!  Gino fell asleep in the MIDDLE of the show. 
We are always right underneath them too. Now sure how he did that!!

The big kids had their own after party!
Annual trip to the Firehouse for the pancake breakfast.

Special treat this year to go on a ride way up in this rescue truck. 

Ring around the Rosie.....Gino doesn't quite get the fall down part!

 Mr. Bear got a lot of attention this weekend. How many kids can you fit on at once??

 Water guns were a hit this year. Funny what toys change as the years go by!

Charles Peter “Pete” Busalacchi
June 26, 2013 
6 lbs. 3 oz. 19 In

Mason Zulueta
July 4, 2013
7lbs 1oz 19 in
Cole Russell Sans
July 9, 2013
6lbs. 12oz. 18 in.

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