Monday, July 8, 2013

Leff gets hitched, Mike's Bday & Father's Day

Well June has been full of fun adventures and a bit of a blur! Let's start with a fun weekend in Venice for Leff's wedding.  Friday night Mike and I spent the evening having drinks with Jame!
 Great catching up, you wear the boot well! 
 Saturday I got a little play time in with Ben before we were off to the wedding!

 Congratulations Jamie and Andy. Beautiful wedding and fun night.  Sorry I don't have a better photo for the newlyweds. I won't name any names (JEN AND JESS) but they said they would send pics....this is why I take my own :-)

Well we were in Australia for Father's Day but we celebrated anyway. We gave Mike his annual photos, as well as some gifts. In Australia they don't celebrate Father's Day until later in the year, but they celebrate Mother's Day the same as us....weird!

This outtake was too awesome not to share!! 
For Mike's birthday we were in New Zealand.  We started the day with candles in a muffin, next stop the aquarium, finished up with a great dinner and drinks! 
More on the trip when I can catch up a little around here!  Until then....

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