Monday, November 11, 2013

Danielle's Wedding & Halloween

Well I am a few weeks behind so here is the long catch up post. What happened to my weekly posts? It kept me on track.  Mike and I got a quick getaway down to Venice, kidless before harvest started.  Wonderful to catch up with all our friends, and celebrate Danielle & Tim's wedding! Congratulations lovebirds. The wedding was beautiful, and the late night In & Out hit the spot! 

Thanks to Mom and Jeanne for watching the kids while we were away. The kids got a chance to play with Cole at Eastons Birthday Party.  Fun to see their Australian friends again!

Thought this would mean a nice peaceful trip to Target, but then I couldn't fit anything in the cart. Maybe that is a good thing too!

A lot of this goes on around here. Dress up time.  This is what you dress up in when you want to be just like your sister!
 Crazy but true, it is November and still no rain or cold weather. The kids were even in shorts today. But lots of outside play time still happening around here!
Pallet rides at the ranch, always fun for everyone.

Annual Grace Field Trip to Teacher Jan's Walnut Orchard. Pumpkins, hayrides, walnut painting, and watching harvesting. Fun and educational!

Happy Birthday Teya!
Carving Time! Our expert carver was harvesting so it was left to me.  Luckily he came home in time to save Minnie, so I didn't totally screw her up.  Giada took my paper away and said I could just look at the stuffed Minne to figure it out! Yeah right! Gino went running off and came back with power tools and goggles, it was hilarious! To each their own!

Fun thing about being a kid is everywhere you go for a couple weeks you can wear your costumes. Dress up day at gymnastics class. She would never wear the orange tutu, and this was the only day butterfly had her antenna's but the wings were a hit. And shockingly Gino kept his giraffe headpiece on!  I thought for sure I had one more year to at least pick Gino's costume, but he kept yelling "gaffe" when Giada would ask what he wanted to this was it! Funny since we had Giada be a giraffe when she was little. 
Lucky for me the kids still like to answer the door, and don't really know much about Trick or Treating. So, I spread it out throughout the week and go to a few family stops all week and then answer the door on actual Halloween. 1st stop Nana & Pops!
Of course we made a stop in Woodbridge too! Gino was teaching Stella the ropes.
Dress up day at school!
Cousin Cole! Happy Halloween to our favorite chef!
Christopherson Cousins! Gino was clearly over the photo session!
Annual pics, oh how the kiddos have grown. Thor and his ladies!

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