Thursday, January 16, 2014


I will finally wrap up 2013 posts with the Christmas one. This was the last of our mini sessions for this year.  Always fun to do, and makes me take photos year round of the kids.  Thanks Steph! (Stephanie Moe Photography) Always challenging with the kids at these ages. Gino is into this funny smile, that he thinks is just great, and he comments that Giada "isn't saying cheese" in her pictures. She has mastered the fake smile, so we have to try to make her do real ones.  I consider it a success that they are both looking at the camera, and we got Gino to sit still for 2 seconds. He is usually trying to redecorate her studio, play with the feather duster, or use props not appropriate for our current session. Stephanie is usually laughing, and I am usually sweating from trying to be a clown and make them laugh while we are there!! Making memories! 

Kids love having their little trees in their rooms!
Holiday Spirit at the Gramms!

Christmas is so much fun with kids running around. Gino was a little more aware this year and Giada was sure to tell him Santa was watching, when she thought he was misbehaving. She actually said a couple times. "Gino, Santa and God are watching, so you should behave"
Per the usual, Gino is moving so fast that his photos are blurry!
Happy girl with her Butterfly Barbies from Santa! I mean, is this girl even mine??? I got my first Barbie at 18 as a joke from my mom for graduation. Graduation Barbie!

Our little chefs got new aprons and hats from dad and safe cutting knives for the kitchen. 
Gino of course tried to use his to cut open his gifts.

 Christmas Eve - We do a little running around both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but are fortunate to have both families in town!

Now we have both kids doing silly smiles!

Fuhrman Cousins

Christmas Day

Christmas checkers tradition continues! We have had this game out at my moms as long as I can remember. I think it was a gift from Aunt Diane long ago; I wasn't happy to lose!
 Matching PJ cousins! Giada and Gino wandered off and were a little too quiet... then she comes out with tattoos on her forehead. Perfect, right before family photos! I knew the quiet was too good to be true.

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