Friday, January 3, 2014

Santa, Christmas Lights, Rooco's Birthday, Mother Daughter Party, Chayse & Baby Barbera

December is full of fun events with friends and family. One evening the Kerns and Coldanis had the same idea to see the movie Frozen, and got out dinner, so together we went. Gino's first movie, and he sat decently.  Adorable movie, not just for children, that little snowman is a crack up.
 Santa seemed to be popping up everywhere this December, and we made it through with not too many questions! Cheers to that, and hoping for more of the same next year.

Happy 1st birthday Rocco!

 The Annual Mother Daughter party, going on 15+ years. I look forward to it every year. Wonderful time to catch up with lifelong friends and their mothers. Stace and Neps we missed you, hopefully next year. Thanks Linds for hosting a beautiful night. xo

Dress up and accessories are always top priority in our house. This particular time I hear Giada say, "Gino you look so good in that!" So, I peek my head around the corner and go check it out.  I laughed and said, "What makes that outfit look so good?" She says, well of course the cape and purse!"

The kids went to visit Grandma Carol before she headed back to her to the Vintage. She now has 2 new hips and will be much more careful on her adventures to Target.  We were all so glad she was able to get settled and well in time to spend Christmas with us!

Maybe a new tradition?? Walking Candy Cane Lane in Sacramento to see all the lights.
 Hot chocolate, a free ride and lights, kids were thrilled!

We took a quick trip to Bloomfield (Petaluma) one day, for lunch with the Barbera's and for Mike to meet his Godson Gino Joesph "Joe"

Look who I got to see! Great to catch up with Chayse when she was in town for the holidays!
                                                        Family pictures from the Sans!

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